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For months, Winnie worked as an apprentice at the upscale shop that specialized in business apparel for women Her recent degree in design helped her immensely in obtaining the much coveted job and finally, her internship seemed to be over However, it did nothing to prepare her for Eleanor Powers, her very first accountand Those Three Days

About the Author: Erin O'Reilly

First challenged by a friend to write a story, Erin has since written numermous online and publish works.Her story Deception,was a GCLS Finalist in 2008 That book also garnered the Sapphic Readers Award in 2009 Story creation involving strong characters always seems to dictate the story and invade her mind at all hours It always amazes her when the characters she is developing suddenly take on a life of their own and lead the story down a completely different path She thinks that, when all is done, the characters make an impact on the storyline the story is better for it her.

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