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Portal to E'Ewere In a crowded uncompromising future world, a girl seeks a visionary place of space and beauty, and just when she seems to succeed, she is confronted with a terrible choice

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    The description on Goodreads doesn t tell you much, so here is the text from the dust jacket In the middle of the twenty first century, all of Earth had been in a state of near anarchy in an attempt to create some order in the area that had been the United States, many small nations evolved The strongest of

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    This was a very good distopian book, I wish she would write sequels to her stories Irma has a great way of describing people and object, it make it easy to picture and the book seemsvibrant I like how she can write a distopia and not over power it with a juvenile relationship like other authors do This book n

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    One of the few books that I read as teenager that I vividly remember It was a strange sci fi novel about a post nuclear war earth.

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