How I Trained My Dog to Fuck My Girlfriend's Mouth eBook

How I Trained My Dog to Fuck My Girlfriend's Mouth When my wife Jennifer first told me she wanted me to help her train our Doberman Barney, I asked her to do what When she told me what, I thought she was kidding But she was NOT I did some internet searching and found little It looked like we were on our own But Jennifer was MORE than determined and so we persisted This book chronicles our amazing journey from then to now, when Barney can t get enough of Jenni sweet face She and her sexy blonde friend Kelly have truly become his and several other dogs two little bitchesRODUCTIONCHAPTERPREPPING MY GIRLFRIENDCHAPTERPREPPING MY DOGCHAPTERGETTING BARNEY STARTEDCHAPTERHOW MY GIRLFRIEND S MOUTH BECAME ACHAPTERTRAINING MY DOG TO INITIATE TAKE CONTROLCHAPTERNOW THE FUN REALLY STARTEDCHAPTERSWALLOWINGCHAPTERKEEPING IT GOING AND LOTS OF FUN NEW POSSIBILITIES Cum join Jenni, Barney and me for continuous oral fun And lots and lots and LOTS of laughs

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