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Bloodlines: The Story of Urza's Destiny Urza completes the magical artifacts that are his Legacy Now he must create the person who will inherit the responsibilities he himself has carried for overyears

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    Bloodlines is exactly the reason I m wary of series that are passed off from author to author, only being connected by large plot points while even those are muddied from book to book Now, I m not a major MtG fan but I ve gotten into these string of Magic books collectively known as The Weatherlight Saga and I ve really been enjoying them However this boo

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    This book seemed to be about nothing at all and having now finished it, I can t really figure out why it was written This arc could easily have been told in a trilogy but here is a fourth book I kept waiting for anything to start happening with Rath or Gerrard, but those stories don t start until a fewbooks down the line I guess.I guess I can t say this was a

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    Maybe not the strongest of the 4, but definitely top 2 It suffered from having some stories that felt really disconnected from the main story, and just generally being less focused Really, not a hell of a lot happened compared to previous books in this cycle.

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    The culmination of the Artifact Cycle just doesn t provide the epic finale hoped for.Urza, having finished The Weatherlight and nearly died, decides he has a new idea for the legacy The Bloodlines He believes that he needs to find a successor to himself, but it is not that simple His idea is to take a page from the Phyrexians and breed himself a successor Using the slow

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    Too many storylines This book follows roughly 6 story arcs at one time that are happening on 3 different planes, and maybe 6 continents over the course of 5 centuries Some characters are immortal, some are semi immortal, others mortal, and may even die off screen after being followed somewhat by the storyline.Given this tangled web, characters like Karn or Rofellos can disap

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    I m giving this two stars rather than one because it s well written, and fits together better than the first two books, but by now I ve just grown so tired of this series Urza fights Phyrexians, destroys people along the way, but not AS MANY people Barrin sighs a lot People turned out of the academy turn evil Eight billion years pass Wash, rinse, repeat I don t even remember how

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    This book was a little boring in the beginning, but got to be a pretty good one.I picked the book because I like playing the Magic The Gathering trading card game I seriously have not read another novel from the series, but after reading it, I might I encourage anyone to read it, or one from the series This book does have some gore, though not too bad In this book you will see many pe

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    Where does one draw the line between yourself and the enemy if you stoop to the same tactics as the enemy A lot of the book had me squirming, and there were so many ethical issues in here that I would have liked to see exploredConsidering the plot and the story arcs, however, I can fully understand and accept structural outline choices made Also, just for the record, those battle scenes an

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    Loved this book A great mix of magic and technology Depicted Urza s quest to prepare for the invasion well I also enjoyed the side stories, particularly that of the Keldons.

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    Excellent story

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