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Second Chance Cowboy The gorgeous hunk of cowboy flesh had a name Hank Monroe and just about every woman in Whitehorse dreamed of being his match So why would the newcomer want to date plain ol Arlene Evans His arrival was enough to flip her world upside down leaving no time at all to get her hair done but could he also set it right When Arlene s pregnant daughter disappears, Hank s got the connections to close the case But with his own past catching up heck, nobody s perfect Arlene will do anything to get to the bottom of one tall, masculine, Montana mystery Their lives are on the line, but nothing in this rough and tumble world can tear Hank and Arlene apart I really loved this book It was a good read Very suspenseful and thrilling I couldn t put it down I m so very glad that everything worked out for Hank and Arlene I m also glad Charlotte had a healthy baby boy I give this book five stars. LOVED it I absolutely loved this book Arlene s story was definitely eye opening Through this whole series I found Arlene to be a very unlikable person The old saying about not judging a person until you walk a mile in their shoes definitely fits this book Wonderful, wonderful story. Great read

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