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A Husband's Vendetta Luc Maccari s wife Ellen, had abandoned him when he d needed her most only now she wanted him back Suspecting his financial success was the cause of her interest, Luc decided to teach her a lesson He d giver her a tantalizing taste of what she d sacrificed the day she walked out beginning in the bedroom Unfortunately, seducing Ellen was reminding him of what he d been missing, too Then he uncovered her heartrending secret, her reason for leaving And suddenly revenge was in danger of becoming a powerful reunion

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    Everything about this novel had me despising it, unfortunately The hero was an ass and not someone I d ever dub as a hero He was purposely rude and cruel to the heroine It was a horrible novel.

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    2 3 stars I hate giving low ratings I only give it to books I didn t had the push to finish.As I scan the reviews before I read this one, I was quite confused why rates are so low, giveb it has all the potential for a wonderful plot, the angst, the attraction, and all It was a good book from the start but when the story is coming to

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    I love second chance romance Especially with married couples ,angst and revenge This book deals with an illness in which forced the h to abandon her husband and newborn baby I felt sorry for her and he this band when neither of them knew what was the problem An excellent read A vintage you must read.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here This is the one where she watches spies her husband and daughter whom she left abandoned due to post partum depression He still loves her and is raising the daughter on his own The daughter is traumatized by bullies and his P A Luc Maccari s wife Ellen, ha

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    This is quite possibly one of the top 10 worst HP books I have ever read And the writing is eventerrible Not recommended, even if they give it to you for free To summarize this book one word maladroit is what comes to mind.

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    Gut wrenching her explanations came too late for my satisfaction

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    A sweet book that brings to life the beautiful island of Capri.

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