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Thin Air: A Ghost Story The Himalayas, Kangchenjunga Third highest peak on earth Greatest killer of them allFive Englishmen set off from Darjeeling, determined to tackle the sacred summit But courage can only take them so far and the mountain is not their only foeAs mountain sickness and the horrors of extreme altitude set in, the past refuses to stay buried And sometimes, the truth won t set you free

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    Michelle Paver sDark Matteris one of my favourite ghost stories, but I admit, when I heard about Thin Air, I had doubts that she could recreate the same magic The story just sounded too similar Dark Matter was about a group of five men embarking on an Arctic expedition in the 1930s Thin Air is about a group of five men embarking on a mountain climbing expedition in the 1930s and I worried that the new story would effectively be a retread of the old one Inevitably, there are similari Michelle

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    I really enjoy ghost stories in general, so getting into this modern rendition of a historical mountaineering thriller turned ghost story was pretty fun.Granted, such stories about climbing mountains in the 30 s have a long tradition And of course, so do ghost stories But regardless, this mash up was first and foremost WELL WRITTEN Modern style, of course.I had a good time That s pretty much all It has brotherly angst, a fight against the elements, tragedy, pettiness, and above all, really I reall

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    This is an old fashioned ghost story, very much in the mould of Michelle Paver s earlier outing in this genre, Dark Matter This again involves five men in isolation in extreme circumstances The setting is a mountaineering expedition in the 1930s to the world s third highest mountain, Kanchenjunga in the Himalayas The Guardian review rather neatly sums it up as Touching the Void meets Jack London Central to the story are Stephen, the narrator and team physician who is writing a journal, and This is an ol

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    This was kind of a buddy read with Janel at Keeper of Pages.I always knew going into this book that I was going to compare it to The White Road by Sarah Lotz Both are books about spooky mountain climbs, and because I loved the former book so much, this one had a lot to live up to Luckily it didn t disappoint It wasn t quite as good as the Lotz novel, but I think this would be a great introduction to the genre of mountain horror novels.This novel felt a little bit slow to get off the ground This was kind of a

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    This is the third book I have read by Michelle Paver and like the previous two Without Charity and Dark Matter is Thin Air an OK book, but like the previous book does this also lack something to make the book great Now is this book way different from Without Charity since that book is a historical romance However, Dark Matter is a horror book just as this one Or rather both are ghost stories without any horror At least that s how I feel And, that s the big problem I have with this book It This is the third book I h

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    Having really enjoyed, Dark Matter, I was keen to read this, new novel, by Michelle Paver Normally, I dislike comparing an author s novels, but there is much to compare in, Thin Air, to Dark Matter Both deal with remote places and extreme temperatures Both are, essentially, ghost stories It is 1935 and our narrator, Dr Stephen Pearce, has left London, and the woman he was supposed to be marrying, to join his brother, Kit, on a mountaineering expedition In 1906, Kit s hero, Sir Edmund L Having really enjoyed, Dark Matter,

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    All mountains are killers, but ours is worse than most, says Stephen, the protagonist of Thin Air as he climbs Kangchenjunga, the sacred mountain in the Himalayas.This is a tense, atmospheric novel set in India in the 1930s An expedition set on the way to a mountain that claimed many before The story is told from the viewpoint of Stephen, who is a doctor and the younger brother of the group leader Kits The novel starts in a soul very likely to Jules Verne s Around the World in 80 days but a All mountains are killers, but ours

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    Absolutely superb This was a read in one sitting book I found it utterly spellbinding and somewhat terrifying, whilst at the same time being able to feel the cold and sense the dread on top of a mountain I loved the idea of the story that of a group of men following an expedition up to a mountain near Darjeeling in the 1930s where a tragic accident happened to a similar party years earlier The sense of unease is tangible from the first page and it had me gripped This really is an author t Absolutely superb This was a read in one sit

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    This is about the dread and fear of being isolated on top of a mountain.Add a touch of altitude sickness and you have a scary situation Add your climbing companions inadvertently leaving you behind and you have a terrifying situation Add a malevolent presence on the mountain that, whether real or not, most definitely wishes you harm and you have Michelle Paver s Thin Air.

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    Narrated by Dr Stephen Pearce, this is the story of an expedition to climb the Kanchenjunga mountain in India in 1935 They follow in the footsteps of a doomed expedition from 1907, when five climbers died The leader of the expedition, Charles Lyell, wrote his memoir and is widely regarded as a hero.As the team progresses up the mountain, the unease grows and the sense of menace is portrayed really well by the author.I enjoyed this book a lot I liked the writing style and I thought that the au Narrated by Dr Stephen Pearce, this is the story of

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