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The Ghost of Buxton Manor Michael, don t forget our Neverland For nearly a century, the ghost ofyear old Rupert Buxton has been trapped in his childhood home He spends his days reading, roaming, and trying desperately to recall his former life Hope is restored when a boy his own age moves into the manor a boy he quickly becomes fascinated by This peculiar, modern boy is the first person that Rupert has been able to reveal himself to, and just might be the key to help him discover his mysterious past The Ghost of Buxton Manor is a young adult, LGBT paranormal fiction centered around historical figures Rupert Buxton and Michael Davies the inspiration behind the real Peter Pan

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    It was only for a second, a mere moment, but I swear, in that time, though it seemed still, a thousand sunsets could have come and go I was looking for a nice Halloween read when this FINE LADY recommended The Ghost of Buxton Manor to me and I can t say how happy I am that I actually followed her a

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    NOW LIVE ONI am very excited for you guys to read it CLICK HERE to purchase from leave a review on Always in our NeverlandRelease Date October 12, 2016 ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewWe all know that story a ghost haunting a mansion a lost soul seeking revenge for his death

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    All the best fiction, they all stem from somewhere Some might say they re just the outcome of a wild imagination, but what is imagination Does it not come from somewhere Perhaps from somewhere in our souls.who knows Every once in a while, you read a book that just sticks out from the crowd. This was that book

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    The Ghost of Buxton ManorBy Jonathan L FerraraSelf published, 2016Cover by Aaron Ferrara400 pagesThree starsWhat if you met the love of your life but you were already dead Inspired by the true story of the tragic and mysterious death of two young lovers in 1917, The Ghost of Buxton Manor forges a fantastic new path

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    Dnf 60% Incredibly boring and a tad bit uneventful I was not a fan of the writing style It took place from the ghost s perspective and it was very conversational, similar to the writing style in far far away The plot was non existent A ghost lived in a house for hundreds of years with no memory and then a family moves in

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    4 starsYA paranormal with an m m love story I loved the tie in to Peter Pan, the eerie feel of Buxton Hall and the love stories that wind their way through This was a full on paranormal with a number of ghosts and some reincarnation too I read mostly for the romance and the main love story was very sweet, but beware there may b

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    I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I m fairly certain many of you will just be thoroughly confused if I start the review by saying that this story is something else Unfortunately, that s the most accurate description I can conjure to make it justice The Ghost of Buxton Manor is, for me, a story

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    Thanks to Jonathan for providing an advance copy of this book in exchange for a honest review I absolutely ADORED this bookIt has a unique and enthralling story, lovable characters and is full of magic and mystery, whatcould you need a heart wrenching love story, you askit s there plot twists that might leave you completely flabbergastedch

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    I don t normally do book reviews but I loved this book so much that I felt I had too I know the author from his youtube channel and bought the book the support him Not really a huge fan of paranormal books I wasn t sure what to expect But from the first chapter this book had me hooked and I read the whole thing in a few days I know I m reading s

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    read my review read my review

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