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Blame It On Cupid Eleven year old Charlene is not impressed with Merry, her new guardian Clearly the woman needs some major help in the parenting department Their neighbor Jack could be the right man for the job but it doesn t look as though the two grown ups are ever going to get together without help Jack recognizes a short distance runner when he sees one, and Merry fits the bill The gorgeous party girl is so unprepared to take charge of the totally fun proof Charlene, he almost feels sorry for her AlmostMerry is in way over her head Who would have thought that a vow written on a cocktail napkin would make her a parent long before her timeor that a rock solid man and a serious little girl would ever become the two most important people in her life Merry has finally found something worth fighting for Now all she has to do is figure out just how to fight

About the Author: Jennifer Greene

Winner of over 15 national awards, including the RWA Hall of Fame and the RWA Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award, Jennifer Greene weaves real issues, warm characters common life humor, and page turning romance and suspense into her stories.Jennifer sold her first book in 1980, and since then has sold over 85 books in the contemporary romance genre She won her first professional writing award from RWA, a Silver Medallion in 1984, followed by over 20 nominations and awards including achieving RWA s HALL OF FAME status, and the most coveted Nora Roberts LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Jennifer has regularly been on a variety of bestseller lists, and has written for Harlequin, Avon, Berkley and Dell Her books have sold all over the world in over 20 languages She also accumulated a number of pseudonyms most recognizably JENNIFER GREENE, but also JEANNE GRANT and JESSICA MASSEY She was born in Michigan, started writing stories in 7th grade, and graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in English and Psychology The University honored her with their Lantern Night Award , a tradition developed to honor fifty outstanding women graduates each year Exploring issues and concerns for women today is what first motivated her to write, and she has long been an enthusiastic and active supporter of women s fiction, which she believes is an unbeatable way to reach out and support other women Jennifer lives in Michigan, just a short distance from Lake Michigan, with her husband Lar Librarian Note There isthan one author in the GoodReads database with this name 1 romanceaka Jeanne Grant

10 thoughts on “Blame It On Cupid

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    I actually have not had the chance to finish this book yetI was reading during the Ice Stormand then I got a Karen Kingsbur bookso Cupid is waiting on

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    4.5 stars I started this book initially thinking it was going to a fluff read based on the Merry character However as I continued to read I saw it was gonna get deep It s about a young girls loss of the only parent she knows, a guardian who hasn t a clue, the breakup of

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    The Right Stuff at the Right TimeFootloose and free spirited Merry Olson didn t expect that the guardianship agreement she signed on a napkin a decade ago would ever result in her pulling up stakes in Minnesota and haring across the country to Oakburg, Virginia, but when the la

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    Cute Easy read.

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    I liked the characters, they were believable Storyline moved along at a good pace.

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    Uhh This one was a cute read Very light and addicting too People who like nice breezy romance with little spice and wit you might enjoy it Merry Oslen Oh my, my she is ditzy and all but very very adorable person. you are hopelessly falling for her She has very generous heart and she is very open with opin

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    WARNINGS I was walking around Wal Mart with my iPod in front of me, reading this book and trying not to run into people or have people run into me Yeah, that s how much I was addicted to reading this book Also, there are a few sex scenes, but nothing that s R rated.I liked Merry She was ditzy , sure But she had

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    actually, this was my second times read this book the first time i read this around november 2010 but, last night, i had this urge feeling to read it again and i didn t disappointed.I love Merry a lot she s sweet, kind, loving, and the way she interacted with Jack was really great and Jack, he s such a hero Kevin and C

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    Merry feels she is up to the latest challenge life has thrown her way An old friend has passed away and named her the guardian of his pre teen daughter Merry, being single and prone to hop from job to job, is OK with uprooting her life to take charge of an abandoned child But this girl, Charlene, is nothing like she expected

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