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The Unmourned For Robert Church, Superintendent Of The Parramatta Female Factory, The Most Enjoyable Part Of His Job Is Access To Young Convict WomenInmate Grace O Leary Has Made It Her Mission To Protect The Women From His Nocturnal Visits And When Church Is Murdered With An Awl Thrust Through His Right Eye, She Becomes The Chief SuspectRecently Arrived From Port Macquarie, Ticket Of Leave Gentleman Convict Hugh Monsarrat Now Lives In Parramatta With His Ever Loyal Housekeeper Mrs Mulrooney Monsarrat, As An Unofficial Advisor On Criminal And Legal Matters To The Governor S Secretary, Is Charged With Uncovering The Truth Of Church S Murder Mrs Mulrooney Accompanies Him To The Female Factory, Where He Is Taking Depositions From Prisoners, Including Grace, And There The Housekeeper Strikes Up Friendships With Certain Women, Which Prove Most Intriguing Monsarrat And Mrs Mulrooney Both Believe That Grace Is Innocent, But In This They Are Alone, So To Exonerate Her They Must Find The Murderer Many Hated Church And Are Relieved By His Death, But Who Would Go As Far As Killing Him

About the Author: Meg Keneally

Meg Keneally started her working life as a junior public affairs officer at the Australian Consulate General in New York, before moving to Dublin to work as a sub editor and freelance features writer On returning to Australia, she joined the Daily Telegraph as a general news reporter, covering everything from courts to crime to animals birthday parties at the zoo She then joined Radio 2UE as a talkback radio producer In 1997 Meg co founded a financial service public relations company, which she sold after having her first child Forthan ten years, Margaret has worked in corporate affairs for listed financial services companies, and doubles as a part time SCUBA diving instructor She lives in Sydney with her husband Craig and children Rory and Alex.

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    In this second novel of the Keneallys Monsarrat series, based in the fledgling colonies of New South Wales in the mid 19th century, Hugh Monsarrat has gained his ticket of leave again and returned to Parramatta from Port Macquarie With the money he received from his previous employer, Major Shelbourne, he has bought a small house and employed his confidante and good friend Mrs Mulrooney as houseke

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    The arrival from Port Macquarie to Parramatta in New South Wales of Hugh Monsarrat and his housekeeper and friend, Mrs Hannah Mulrooney felt advantageous Hugh was a clerk to the governor s secretary, and the small house he now owned was run successfully by Mrs Mulrooney But when the hated superintendent of the Parramatta Female Factory, Robert Church, was found dead, with the immediate suspect being young

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    Thoroughly enjoying this series 4.5 sAfter receiving his very long awaited ticket of leave, the now ex convict, Hugh Monsarrat is finally leaving Port Macquarie and bound for a new life and new beginnings in Parramatta Fortunate enough to be able to retain his loyal friend and housekeeper, Mrs Mulrooney, thanks to the generosity of a grateful benefactor in his previous life in Port Macquarie, Hugh Monsarrat has a

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    Another entertaining romp with Monsarrat and his housekeeper, through colonial Parramatta this time This is shaping up to be a treasure of a series.With his monetary gift from Major Shelborne, Monsarrat has purchased a small house in Parramatta and installed his friend, Mrs Mulrooney, as housekeeper He s working as a clerk again this time to the secretary for the Governor And after his absence in Port Macquarie, he s rea

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    I really enjoyed this book, my first one for 2018 It is a second in a series The Monsarrat sereis and as such we come to it with pre described main characters, but a new location.The fist in the series took place in Port Maquarie, with our leading man a convict and his best friend Mrs Mulrooney, a housekeeper for the commander s wife In this second book Monsarrat has been grated his ticket of leave, but is not exactly free He is

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    The second novel in the Monsarrat series, THE UNMOURNED is set in Sydney, based around the Parramatta Female Factory the epitome of appalling institutions in a line up that you d think would be hard to lead.The investigator in this series is ticket of leave recipient, gentleman convict, Hugh Monsarrat who has come from Port Macquarie to Parramatta in Sydney with his every loyal housekeeper Mrs Mulrooney Having, as yet, not had the pleas

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    Another great read

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    The Unmourned builds on the relationship between Hugh Montsarrat and Hannah Mulroney that formed the cornerstone of the first in The Monsarrat series The situation that leads to Montsarrat investigating the murder of Robert Church and the related mistreatment of female prisoners in the Paramatta Female factory is very interesting and builds on an appreciation of the hardships that beset prisoners and ticket of leave men and women in colonial NSW The ch

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    I love this series once again so easy to fall into the mystery and try and solve it recommend both of these books

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    Yawn Boring.

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