THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD (With Illustrations): Authentic Life Narratives of America's Unsung Heroes and Heroines Who Dared to Dream of Freedom and Escaped from the Clutches of Slavery This carefully crafted ebook THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD With Illustrations is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents This book chronicles the stories of someslaves who escaped to freedom via the Underground Railroad, a secret network formed by abolitionists and former slaves who helped them escape to the North This book s original aim was to reunite those slaves with their families But now it has turned into an important historical document that visiblises the existence of those who suffered inhuman cruelty at the hands of Southern Slave Owners and yet had the courage to break free These unknown heroes and heroines were in true sense the founding fathers of African American Communities This is why their stories must be heard and brought back from oblivion A MUST READ Excerpt Like millions of my race, my mother and father were born slaves, but were not contented to live and die so My father purchased himself in early manhood by hard toil Mother saw no way for herself and children to escape the horrors of bondage but by flight Bravely, with her four little ones, with firm faith in God and an ardent desire to be free, she forsook the prison house, and succeeded, through the aid of my father, to reach a free State The old familiar slave names had to be changed William Still was an African American abolitionist, conductor on the Underground Railroad, writer, historian and civil rights activist He was chairman of the Vigilance Committee of the Pennsylvania Anti Slavery Society and directly aided fugitive slaves by keeping records of their lives and helping families reunite after the abolishment of slavery

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    William Still interviewed all the people he helped to free from slavery via the Underground Railroad His records together with letters and legal texts are presented here in this collection I must admit I couldn t concentrate on the legal texts prose born in hell but the rest gave a vivid and varied insight into th

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    A powerful and highly educational collection of authentic correspondence from around events of the Undercover Railroad.What feels like it should be most treasured about this book are the various unfiltered messages from the contemporaries themselves, both the slaves and their allies alike Some strictly formal, some

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    WOW This begs one simple question and we were the ones considered savages and in need of saving Wow Thanks to those who assisted us in seeking the freedom that God intended for all men, regardless of race Still applicable today.

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    If you plan to read the Water Dancer by Ta Nehisi Coates, read this first If you wonder about race relations in America, read this It s amazing Before I read this book, slavery was something I understood in my head as wrong, against God, a crime After I read this book, I knew in my heart that slavery was all those th

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    This book is FREE on kindle right now

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    I was very glad to make an acquaintance with this huge collection of slave escape narratives, in first hand accounts It s not an easy read It took me a concentrated couple of hours just to figure out how it is organized And the sheer number of human stories is overwhelming William Still was an excellent writer for his

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    These real stories, written in both narrative and letter form, are heartbreaking It is a real picture into our very dark past This gives you a view of the harsh realities some men imposed upon millions of others for so long The desperation and deprivation of liberty led to some brave ones to seek out the dangerous path

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    Profound source material for the operation of the Underground Railroad, especially through Philadelphia William Still was on the Vigilance Committee in that city and welcomed many of those escaping slavery From each arrival he took a brief account of their adventures on The Road, as well as their hardship under slavery S

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    My homeschooled daughter is interested in the Underground Railroad, so we checked this book out of the public library to use for real life discussions The letters and stories are so fascinating, and so sad, at times What bravery extended for the welfare of another soul

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    William Still s collection is excellent primary source material about an important part of American history, the massive effort of thousands of people to help fugitive slaves gain the freedom they were denied by law.

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