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Alone on the Wall Including two new chapters on Alex Honnold s free solo ascent of the iconic , foot El Capitan in Yosemite National ParkOn June rd Alex Honnold became the first person to free solo Yosemite s El Capitan to scale the wall without rope, a partner, or any protective gear completing what was described as the greatest feat of pure rock climbing in the history of the sport National Geographic and one of the great athletic feats of any kind, ever New York Times Already one of the most famous adventure athletes in the world, Honnold has now been hailed as the greatest climber of all time Vertical magazineAlone on the Wall recounts the most astonishing achievements of Honnold s extraordinary life and career, brimming with lessons on living fearlessly, taking risks, and maintaining focus even in the face of extreme danger Now Honnold tells, for the first time and in his own words, the story of hishours andminutes on the sheer face of El Cap, which Outside called the moon landing of free soloing a generation defining climb Bad ass and beyond words one of the pinnacle sporting moments of all time

About the Author: Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold is a world class American rock climber best known for his free solo ascents of big walls.

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    It s tricky to separate the book from the person, as Alex has been one of my closest friends for the past 13 years, the kind of friend I call family I appreciated that much of it was written by Alex, and his voice in those parts was true Stylistically, it was a little difficult to read because those parts were all in i

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    Ok, this may be sacrilegious in the climbing community of which, I am a part , but this book made me dislike a climber I thought I would actually like There is no doubt that Honnold is an extremely gifted athlete who dares to do things with rock that even the plates and all of their tectonics wouldn t have imagined, but

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    4.5 rounded down since there s no glossary of terms Alex uses like send the gnar, worked, beta, not to mention all the minute variations in rock like a smear But otherwise I flowed over these pages had them pretty much dialed couldn t put it down like Alex over a 3000 foot granite slab Read because I watched recently and l

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    As a non climber this book didn t really add anything for me that I didn t already get from the film Free Solo

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    In case you have been living under a rock for the past decade, or maybeaptly for a book about the climbing world, in case you HAVEN T been living under a rock, Alex Honnold is a famous rock climber who free solos That is to say he climbs impossibly tall slabs of granite Without a rope For fun Alex literally takes his life into

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    I have to admit that now I mimpressed with his speed records, alpine climbing and the routes he linked than with his soloing weird, huh Honnold is well, Honnold Loved every page of it.

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    I don t quite know how to rate this one properly I got mixed feelings upon mixed terrain and mixed writing Some bits of the book were definitely in the 5 stars range whereas some others just barely made it into the 2 s There are great portrayals of some of Alex s most extraordinary feats, quite a few interesting insights of his, q

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    Coming into the book, I thought Alex Honnold was a pretty amazing person not just for his climbing ability but for his storytelling, humor, modesty, philanthropy and indifference to fame but politeness to the enthusiastic fans who seek out selfies with him at events But this book made me feel differently The book spends quite a bit

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    Having starting rock climbing half a year ago, I ve been watchingandclimbing films, and Free Solo is right at the top of the list Alex Honnold is bad ass, and a nice guy This was a very easy to read, entertaining book Much recommend if out door adventure is your thing

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    I m conflicted about this book It s written well and can be appreciated by both rock climbers and non climbers Honnold is both an astounding climber and a very thoughtful, philosophical person, and that shines through in the book s stories in muchdepth than in the interviews or videos of him I ve watched previously I like hearing what h

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