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First Born Kindle FirstbornI read this in paperback the other day as I read a bunch of other books over the weekend so I will leave reviews Morgan and Laura Trayhern s first of their children love it when Jason finally finds himself and love and his father again. I just loved Jason I read the series where he was kidnapped in the first place with his dad and when you read this book you see just what an effect it had on him Jason was headed for a dark path if it hadn t been for Annie s love for Jason he would have never survived the injury he suffered Thanks again Lindsay for another great book I like Lindsay McKenna and know I am going to read about war and its effects on the people that fight for us.This one dealt with traumatic brain injury and I was not disappointed I found it interesting to learnabout the Apache ways of dealing with life. I struggled to get through this book I do enjoy most of McKenna s books so it was a surprise to struggle along with this one. Large Print Kobo Like this oneAll it takes is a good woman or the right woman to turn someone around I loved the female lead in this book and the since well you will get it to if you read it. Firstborn by Lindsay McKenna released on May ,is available now for purchase

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