The Mammoth Book of Jokes MOBI Ø The Mammoth Kindle

The Mammoth Book of Jokes Some stupid stereotypical jokes, some that weren t funny at all, and some that were pretty amusing I particularly enjoyed the puns and the put downs My favorite What do you get when you take the circumference of a pumpkin and divide it by the diameter Pumpkin Pi Love it. Even bigger and better than ever, The Mammoth Book of Jokes is the ultimate joke book, now revised and expanded to overentries This endlessly entertaining collection covers everything funny, from birthdays and dogs to mothers in law and war, from the tasteful to the tasteless The Mammoth Book of Jokes also includes hilarious epigrams, limericks, misprints and howlers, shaggy dog stories, politically incorrect jokes, toasts, pick up lines, and put downs Extra new material for this bumper edition includes favorite celebrity jokes specially chosen by the likes of Bill Clinton, Gordon Ramsay, Dustin Hoffman and Tony Blair as well as no fewer thanbrand new ones

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