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Bloodwitch Fans of Susan Dennard s New York Times bestselling Witchlands series have fallen in love with the Bloodwitch Aeduan And now, finally, comes his story.High in a snowy mountain range, a monastery that holdsthan just faith clings to the side of a cliff Below, thwarted by a lake, a bloodthirsty horde of raiders await the coming of winter and the frozen path to destroy the sanctuary and its secrets.The Bloodwitch Aeduan has teamed up with the Threadwitch Iseult and the magical girl Owl to stop the destruction But to do so, he must confront his own father, and his past. He was born a monster, he will die a monster, and monsters do not get to have Friends Emotional and darker than ever before Bloodwitch is a worth it sequeal to this wonderfully complicated and increseasingly twisted world Bloodwitch centers its story, as the title suggests, in my precious Aeduan And boy did I appreciate that We get several flashbacks and fill ins in the story of the best Bloodwitch, while also seeing his progress in his mission to get Owl back to her family Of course, we also get several POVs from different characters that keep the story moving and entertaining at all times as well that further the tidbits and clues to put together the puzzle of what s going on Oak and grass to honor the winds,Limestone and cypress for water,Beech and granite, gifts from the earth,Cedar and sandstone for fire,Birch trees and snowfall, the birthplace of Aether,While deep in the heart, where no sunlight reaches,The Giant called Sleeper awakes The world building, specifically its history, grows exponentially as we go deeper and deeper into the story and see sides of the coin.I must say though, that if you want to fully appreciate the intricacies of the history behind everything you should read Sightwitch because even though you will most likely understand what is going on just by reading this one you ll get a special insight by reading it.I most certainly did And it broke my heart in a million little pieces, in the best possible way.the fact that I wasn t even looking for that revelation, and then it just hit me and left me breathless, because, yeah, that s exactly what it did A moment that name didn t mean anything and then the next one it meant everything and clicked in my brain I just can t get over it You see a strong woman and deem her evil You see a quiet woman Oh wait you do not see them at all Then there s also the matter of all the incredibly strong, cunning, brave and witty women that just overflows through this series I love the insight into Vaness character and Vivia s development and growth Well done.Both characters won my heart last book with their complicated and realistic performances and Bloodwitch just furthers that Vivia and Serafin s relationship made sad, angry and proud all in rapid succession One moment I would be sad and then angry and by the end, I was mostly proud of my girl Iseault and Safi are pretty much the same, to be honest aside from the fact that they are growing confident in their powers and understanding them better Accepting them too Jana had been strong stronger than Serafin Stronger than anyone realized, for she had lived with shadows every day and stilled ruled, still guided, still loved That ending was satisfactory though I honestly thought that Dennard was gonna postpone that reunion just for the sake of postponing it, yet, she didn t, which I appreciate a lot It was cute and put a smile in my face, but it also frustrated me After all, now we have another two characters separated and that have to make their way to each other, actually, we have TWO pairs of characters that need to do that, or was it three I think three Anyway, I hope she makes them get together faster than the last pair Please, I can t deal with all the waiting much longer She had never needed a crown, because she had something far, far powerful I just can t wait to read the next installment I need to have my very strong suspicions regarding Aeduan s parentage answered even though I m almost completely sure I m right and properly explained, because I don t understand.The fate of Merik is another thing that I need to get answered ASAP.I liked that the book is much darker than the previous two I got chills at times and was moderately creep out I don t get scared easily through books I don t know why and I can just hope it will get darker and darker The one who d carried him, when no one else could The one who d shown him that only he could save himself My brain is a turmoil of emotions right now So much happened and I m so happy and so sad at the same time right now Like, I could burst out laughing or cry my eyes out at any second and I still can t decide which one I want to do So bittersweet That plot twist though And I m so glad I read Sightwitch before I read this Good decisions people.Full review to come After all the re reads I can finally embark in this one, the end goal, the prize I m curious about how the story will continue, and, what is a better way to find out than by reading So here I go Holy Heck Yes I m so hyped for this one Best of all The book comes out on my birthday Can t wait it s gonna be awesome. 4.5 4.75 I haven t decided yet but my emotions.Edit who am I kidding it s 5 stars EDIT 2.0 09 21 18WE HAVE A COVER, AGAIN, REPEATING, WE HAVE A COVERCAN WE JUST THANK SUSAN FOR THIS I MEAN ADEUAN LOOKS GORGEOUSI CAN T WAIT TO READ ADEUAN AND ISEULT, I SHIP THEM SO MUCH SERIOUSLY, FEBRUARY 12TH JUST COME ALREADYEDIT 8 30 17So I was watching and now the date release is 20192019Dear Susan 2019 BLOODWITCHI mean BLOODWITCHThis means AEDUAN AND AEDUAN WITH ISUELT I REALLY NEED THIS BOOK, I CAN T WAIT TO 2019 Dear Susan She stole his breath now, and he had no breath to spare Bloodwitch stole my breath, stabbed me in the heart, and left me bleeding and waiting for the next instalment And I don t really mind, because it s the best kind of pain.First of all, I must say that Susan Dennard upped her game in Bloodwitch With every book in the series, she becomes a superior master of words and aims straight for the readers hearts She feels blood and she strikes Just like her Bloodwitch.It s not a secret that Aeduan became my number one favourite character from the moment I laid my eyes on him in book 1 Damn, such kind of chemistry is rare for me, because I usually require proof of worthiness from my book boyfriends, but with Aeduan I was ready to jump any cliff from the start But I would give up my claim on Aeduan if only to see him and Iseult interact Do you want to stab me in the heart Go ahead Do you want to throw me off the cliff Go ahead It s true love s power if you ask my sadistic beating heart From the day she had stabbed Aeduan in the heart, that heart had become hers and she would not let this be his end But what Aeduan and Iseult throw our way in Bloodwitch is PURE FIRE AND ICE COMBINED It is similar to ice being so cold it burns like fire I will stop babbling and will simply call it one of the best relationship developments ever I will go down with that ship no matter what I was so eager to learn Aeduan s story, and I knew it was going to be sad, but I have never imagined how sad and how devastating it would be But there was no reason There never had been He was just a child, trapped in the wreckage of war He had not done this, he had not caused this Yet he had lost his life to it all the same He was a Bloodwitch no longer He was a monk no longer He was man, just a man It would have to be enough.But a great deal of solace for me was the fact that Aeduan was walking around shirtless, a lot Instead, she simply watched as the seconds ground past and internally chanted, Stasis A futile refrain really, for once Aeduan had straightened fully and set to removing his shirt, it became too frustrating for Iseult to endure.Oh Boy, how frustrating it was when he was putting his shirt back on dreamy sigh Coming back to the plot and characters, I see what Susan Dennard did here First, we have a slow start, focusing on shirtless Aeduan, but after a while, we jump straight into chaos all of the characters at once find themselves in a tight knot Susan Dennard jumps from POV to POV, finishing every chapter on the highest peak of tension, catching her readers in a situation where they don t know how to handle that continuous culmination And then, of course, we end up in multiple huge cliffhangers view spoiler Merik is trapped, Aeduan lost Iseult, Iseult met Safi, Vivi and her city are under attack and so on hide spoiler

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