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Edens Children (Terratellus Trilogy #1) Evelyn Didn T See Much Of A Future For Herself At 17, She Is Unable To Interact Easily With People, Especially Men All Her Life She Has Been Tormented By Their Constant Advances When On A Trip To New Orleans, She Meets The Man She Dreams About Every Night Only Now He S Real And She Craved Him Unable To Cope With The New Sensations He S Causing Her, She Runs From Him Only To End Up In A Nightmare Her Mother Has Been Abducted And Presumed Dead The Father She Never Knew, Had Been Abducted 12 Years Earlier Now She Could Be The Next Target She Has To Leave Her Life Behind As She Is Sent To Live With The Twin Brother She Never Knew She Had His Name Is Aiden, He Is The Man Who Holds Her And Kisses Her Shoulder While She Sleeps The Only Man She Had Ever Wanted Now Evelyn Must Keep Her Feelings A Secret And Keep Him At A Distance Only He Feels The Same, He Struggles To Control His Possessive Nature Over Her She Was His And He Was Never Letting Her Go Evelyn Must Fight Her Desires, While They Have To Fight For Their Lives They Were Coming They Wanted Them Dead.

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