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The Hidden Power of F*cking Up The Try Guys Deliver Their First Book An Inspirational Self Improvement Guide That Teaches You That The Path To Success Is Littered With Humiliating Detours, Embarrassing Mistakes, And Unexpected Failures.To Be Our Best Selves, We Must Become Secure In Our Insecurities In The Hidden Power Of F Cking Up, The Try Guys Keith, Ned, Zach, And Eugene Reveal Their Philosophy Of Trying How To Fully Embrace Fear, Foolishness, And Embarrassment In An Effort To Understand How We All Get Paralyzed By A Fear Of Failure They Ll Share How Four Shy, Nerdy Kids Have Dealt With Their Most Poignant Life Struggles By Attacking Them Head On And Reveal Their Ahem Sure Fail Strategies For Achieving Success.But They Re Not Just Here To Talk They Re Actually Going To Put Their Advice To Work To Demonstrate Their Unique Self Improvement Formula, They Ll Each Personally Confront Their Deepest Insecurities A Die Hard Meat Lover Goes Vegan For The First Time A Straight Laced Father Transforms Into A Fashionista A Perpetually Single Sidekick Becomes The Romantic Lead A Child Of Divorce Finally Grows Intimate With His Family Through Their Insightful, Emotional Journeys And Surprising, Hilarious Anecdotes, They Ll Help You Overcome Your Own Self Doubt To Become The Best, Most F Cked Up Version Of Yourself You Can Be

About the Author: Keith Habersberger

Keith Habersberger, along with Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang, make up The Try Guys, an Internet comedy series The four write, direct, produce, and shoot each of their episodes Their viral videos have garnered over 1 billion views across social media platforms.

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    OMG The Try Guys try writing a book

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    This book audiobook is fantastic These guys bring so much humor and heart At the start, I thought each guy was going to tackle a section but rather each took lead on a try with the other guys sharing wisdom and experience related to the topic Overall I highly recommend for any one who ...

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    Can t wait to read this I m so happy that the guys are writing an honest book on growth and journey As I do from their videos, I m sure I ll learn a lot that I can apply to myself So excited

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    The guys changed a lot over the years and I think we can gain from their experiences their numerous trys, their personal life and their working life I am looking forward to reading this

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    TOTAL READING TIME 4 hours, 0 minutes.4.5 stars rounded up to 5.My 5 star rating for this book is mostly due to my bias towards the Try Guys second only to the Fab Five from Netflix s Queer Eye, they are my favorite celebrities I started watching their videos around late August early September 2017, and I ve been hooked ever since I only regret not getting to watch their videos earlier and being there from the beginning

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    I read this book in 24 hours It was absolutely perfect If you re a Try Guys fan, you ve got to read it I m so proud of our boys It s completely in character and you can hear each of their voices so completely My favorite book of the summer maybe even the year so far Unlike most books written by youtubers, this was actually has substance It s good when compared to other books, not just YouTube books Some highlights reading Ned s

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    I really enjoyed the audio book version, it felt sort of like hanging out with the Try Guys and having them tell me stories of different challenges they put themselves through This is also why I definitely wouldn t classify The Hidden Power of F cking Up as a self help book That being said, I don t know how many stars I would ve given the actual book, given that it has no narration by the Try Guys and even Ariel And that my favourite par

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    I feel like a load of garbage giving this a low rating, but alas, I must be true to myself and acknowledge that I did not enjoy this The Try Guys are one of my favorite mainstream YouTubers I have watched them for years and their comedic timing and originality in their videos is phenomenal However this book was rough I purchased the audiobook, and I believe this was my biggest mistake It read exactly like an extended version of their Podcast I co

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    2.5 5 starsAlright, I think I m awake enough to explain the rating now Odd that I ve never really felt the need to explain myself before, but for this book, I am Nothing makes sense.I want to preface this by saying I am a long time Try Guys fan I found them in 2014 and loved their videos so much that I would bring my laptop over to a friends house and put the videos on casually in hopes that they would find them funny I would rewatch my favorites multiple

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    The Try Guys do a good job of transferring their YouTube personas into book format The overall message is simple and true to their brand I enjoyed the numerous pictures and drawings, and the mixture of writing formats from the traditional narrative formats to the quirky back and forth dialogues The Hidden Power of F cking Up is a quick, easy read It even manages to be a little inspiring too When I reached the end, I even contemplated trying something new.I

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