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The Stars We Steal I don t know you at all any And I don t care to Leo Today we celebrate Thank you so much to HMH Books for Young Readers for my ARC I enjoyed Brightly Burning so much and have been anxiously awaiting this new release from Donne Well, today the wait is over, my friends This description had me at whiskey ship but GAWDDDD look at that coverheart eyes Engagement Season Is In The Air Eighteen Year Old Princess Leonie Leo Kolburg, Heir To A Faded European Spaceship, Only Has One Thing On Her Mind Which Lucky Bachelor Can Save Her Family From Financial Ruin But When Leo S Childhood Friend And First Love Elliot Returns As The Captain Of A Successful Whiskey Ship, Everything Changes Elliot Was The One That Got Away, The Boy Leo S Family Deemed To Be Unsuitable For Marriage Now, He S The Biggest Catch Of The Season And He Seems Determined To Make Leo S Life Miserable But Old Habits Die Hard, And As Leo Navigates The Glittering Balls Of The Valg Season, She Finds Herself Falling For Her First Love In A Game Of Love, Lies, And Past Regrets Ahhh Gorgeous cover alert I loved Brightly Burning, and I m so excited for this one Give me all that drama and intrigue I m so here for it I was really looking forward to this novel but unfortunately, it was far less than what I expected This story starts off with a bang literally and it s adventure and action right from the beginning There is little to no introduction regarding the background of the world, the story, or the characters before the reader is thrust into the story.However, even with the story being introduced amidst action, this novel was mostly.boring for me None of the characters caught my attention, nor did the romance Even the political involvement of this world in the plot didn t keep me invested As well, both of the main characters were not necessarily likable which is not a mandatory attribute but can help when it comes to maintaining interest in the story As nothing captured my attention or interest, there was nothing that kept me truly anchored or invested in the overall story As for the ending, it was fairly predictable but also abrupt for a story with such a slow pace There was so much build up only for one climactic scene with little resolution aside from an epilogue To me, it seemed as if there were still many loose ends left in the story As a whole, I continued reading this novel until the end in the hopes that it would get better but if I was someone to DNF a novel, this would be one that I would have stopped reading less than halfway through Thank you to the publisher for supplying me with a copy of this book via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review A Jane Austen s Persuasion retelling set in space Me, sobbing Just just please take my money Take it All of it Please I m begging you, I need this so badly, just take my money, take it, plea 3.5 stars My abiding experience of this book was as a lot of fun This is a book that has a lightness of touch that I really enjoyed I was having a good time the majority of the time I was reading it That said, I do think there are some short comings for me, some that are unique to me e.g I m realizing that I just don t like it when there s marriage at stake in a YA feels like it should just be adult at that point and some that I think stem from using Persuasion as the source material e.g the miscommunication levels just didn t work given that we weren t actually in the Regency when you really couldn t just talk things out All in all, fun would read from this author This cover is giving me grabby hands syndrome holy shit 9 20 2019 augghhhh, i want this so bad Me Keeps forgetting it s 2019.Also me Already wants the books from 2020 Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestThis is a retelling of Persuasion set in space with a dash of The Bachelor People from Earth now fly around in spaceships, and those of the nobility have especially luxurious ones Leonie, aboard The Scandinavian, is such a one, only her family is on the verge of becoming impoverished and she is going to have to take part in the extravagant match making ceremony called the Valg, along with her sister and cousin, to help save the family fortune.Leo is therefore shocked and horrified when her childhood friend and ex fiance, Elliot, arrives for the proceedings When he left her, angry and heartbroken, he was still considered the help Now he is the captain of a ship that manufactures whiskey and considered quite the eligible bachelor She watches him flirt with all the other women in front of her, still wanting him and wishing she didn t, all the while trying to broker a deal for a new water filtration system that will save her family without her needing to marry, while also trying to investigate some mysterious goings on aboard the ship that hint at treachery and, maybe, murder.I enjoyed this book a lot for many reasons First, as a science fiction book, it s pretty light, so don t pick this up expecting hardcore space opera The Bachelor in Space is a pretty apt description for this book It isn t quite THE SELECTION thank God , but nor is it Star Trek I actually enjoyed the drama, and the artfully done will they won t they between Elliot and Leo just about killed me.Leo is a pretty great protagonist I liked the fact that she was tall 5 11 and curvy I thought it was cool that she was an inventor and a significant portion of the plot is about her filtration design She also has a pretty healthy relationship towards other women Even though she has a lot of jealousy towards her cousin and sister, it doesn t dissolve into a mess of girl on girl hate or shaming.Regarding things that this book could have done better well, it was pretty fluffy, and I think it would have been nice to have action beneath all the hearts, flowers, and trimmings I also thought the LGBT rep was a bit clumsily done There s an introduction of an ace character towards the end who basically serves as the foil for someone else s romantic relationship, and about 60% of the dialogue of the one lesbian character is her reminding all the characters that she s a lesbian and oh, by the way, are there any available girls around It felt like her sexuality was a stand in for her personality, which made me kind of sad, even though her character improved a little bit in the last quarter of the book.Overall, though, I did like THE STARS WE STEAL a lot It was a fun read and I enjoyed it Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 3.5 stars

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