Legendary WolfLegendary Beast: A 2-in-1 Collection eBook

Legendary WolfLegendary Beast: A 2-in-1 Collection Two shape shifter brothers and the tough women they love Legendary Wolf Once upon a time, Anna was an orphan girl, her only friend a shifter Then the red wolf Soren Romanov learned that the girl he loved was the daughter of his family s greatest foe Now grown and beginning to master her own power, Anna knows that only Soren can help her stop a great evil But he ll have to trust the woman and the witch she s become Legendary Beast Madeline Romanov was trapped in an enchanted sleep, her baby wrapped tight in her arms Then the white wolf woke her, and her son disappeared For centuries, Lev Romanov searched for his wife and their child, and the search drove him half mad Can he now be the man he needs to be to help Madeline save their son

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    Legendary Wolf Legendary Beast Both of these books feature couples with history as well as a Russian inspired folklore around a type of werewolf I enjoyed both of these, and will be looking forBarbera Hancock novels in the future.

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