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When You Come Back Forensic Anthropologist Emma Graves knows about the dead But can the dead help her remember why she s still alive When You Are Lost Emma Graves was only eight years old when a tragic school bus accident shattered the rural community where she grew up When the bus was discovered the driver was dead and Emma, her older sister and her sister s best friend were missing A frantic search through the cold, dark woods in the surrounding area began As the sun rose the next morning, a cold and terrified Emma was found Emma remembered little else beyond watching through the fractured windshield as her sister and her friend walked away from the bus to find help Spring turned into summer and then to fall and the missing girls never came back When You Come Back Twenty five years later Emma is all grown up Though she is an acclaimed forensic anthropologist, her personal life is a different matter After surviving another tragic accident, this one at a dig, Emma needs to hide somewhere and pull herself together again After all, she has been fractured since she was eight years old, this breakdown has been coming for a long time Going home is her only choice The last thing she expected to find on her return was two young girls missing The small town is torn apart all over again With Emma back, attention turns to her What is she hiding Why can t she remember what really happened that day twenty five years ago Why is she back in town now and two children are missing When human remains are found deep in a cave that requires Emma s expertise in retrieving them, the truth may just be than anyone bargained for

About the Author: Debra Webb

DEBRA WEBB is the USA Today bestselling author ofthan 150 novels, including reader favorites the Shades of Death, the Faces of Evil and the Colby Agency series She is the recipient of the prestigious Romantic Times Career Achievement Award for Romantic Suspense as well as numerous Reviewers Choice Awards In 2012 Debra was honored as the first recipient of the esteemed L A Banks Warrior Woman Award for her courage, strength, and grace in the face of adversity Recently Debra was awarded the distinguished Centennial Award for having achieved publication of her 100th novel Withthan four million books in print in numerous languages and countries, Debra s love of storytelling goes back to her childhood when her mother bought her an old typewriter in a tag sale Born in Alabama, Debra grew up on a farm She spent every available hour exploring the world around her and creating her stories She wrote her first story at age nine and her first romance at thirteen It wasn t until she spent three years working for the Commanding General of the US Army in Berlin behind the Iron Curtain and a five year stint in NASA s Shuttle Program that she realized her true calling A collision course between suspense and romance was set Since then she has expanded her work into some of the darkest places the human psyche dares to go Visit Debra at www.debrawebb.com.

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    Debra Webb has never let me down when looking for a good read and once again she came through.BIG TIME I have struggled with this review because I want so much to get it right This book is just so amazing It is a mystery, a crime thriller and much muchEmma Graves was only eight years old when she was found in the woods al

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    Emma is on her way home after school She s up front and, her sister and her sister s best friend are in the back of the school bus when the driver has a heart attack, wrecks the bus and dies Emma s sister and her sister s best friend disappear that day and are never found Emma is known as the girl who survived Fast forward

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    Things are not the same when you Come Back Emma Graves was 8 years old when, the Nightmares started, and her Big Sister Natalie and Best friend Stacy Disapear The Last time Emma saw her Big Sister she and her Friend walks away from the wreckage of the school bus Telling Emma to stay put will come back Things Didn t work that

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    Emma is known as the girl who came back Twenty five years ago she, her sister Natalie, and her sisters friend were on a school bus when the driver has a heart attack and wrecks the bus Natalie and her friend go off for help but are never seen or heard from again Emma leaves the bus and ends up lost overnight in the woods She do

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    If you have a background in criminal law or law enforcement, you ll see holes in this story from a procedural standpoint Notwithstanding, this is an engaging and very well written whodunit with some nice touches from the standpoint of character development and plot fluidity Well worth the read or listen.

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    When You Come Back by Debra Webb I read and reviewed on my own.This book is the newest suspense by Debra Webb and it takes the reader on Emma Graves emotional journey when she returns home and she is forced to deal with the memories of being the only one to return when three children disappeared after a school bus accident twenty f

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    I m so glad I found my way back to Debra Webb books I used to be a huge Debra fan and some how I sort of drifted away, but I m back I loved this book The characters were awesome even the ones I loved to hate There s something for everyonemurder, kidnapping, heartbreak, thrills, twists turns, and intrigue I have to admit I was guessin

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    This book is awesome It s riveting from page 1 till the end Absolutely great read Debra Webb just gets better and better I thought I knew the villain but was still surprised at the end Ten stars for this one

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    Emma was 8 years old when her sister and her sister best friend disappear Then there was a bad time at a dig.It all led to breakdown which sent Emma home But it was 25 anniversary of her sisters disappearance and twogirls are missing This has twists and turns that will keep you up until you finish I would never have guessed the truth Rea

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    Let me first say many months ago I read a brief blip that became this book I knew then it was going to be fantastic.I could not put this book down, from the moment you start you are sucked in Emma was such a great characterdamaged, smart and so very determined This story hadtwists and turns than a country back road And from the start you a

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