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Stallion to the Queen Every woman of the House of Constandine must stand before the great winged Stallion as his virgin sacrifice I was no different

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    She straight up bangs a magical horse, idk what I expected.

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    Beauty is Only Skin DeepI enjoyed reading this story It was interesting, in that it emphasized the plainess of the one destined to be Queen, whereas her family was all beautiful and desired and braggarts of that fact Beautiful in body, ugly in soul It wanted the beautiful soul, and git it Yeah

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    AwesomePoetic writing painting a vivid world of fantasy and lust This author never fails to deliver a delicious naughty little tale of beautiful worlds that satisfy the desire for the taboo

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    Steamy FantasyIf you like to read about hot, dark and deliciously taboo animalistic fantasy stories then this is a great book Thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

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