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Movies (And Other Things) Shea Serrano Is Back, And His New Book, Movies And Other Things ,combines The Fury Of A John Wick Shootout, The Sly Brilliance Of Regina George Holding Court At A Cafeteria Table, And The Sheer Power Of A Denzel Monologue, All Into One Movies And Other Thingsis A Book About, Quite Frankly, Movies And Other Things One Of The Chapters, For Example, Answers Which Race Kevin Costner Was Able To White Savior The Best, Because Did You Know That He White Saviors Mexicans In McFarland, USA, And White Saviors Native Americans In Dances With Wolves, And White Saviors Black People In Black Or White, And White Saviors The Cleveland Browns In Draft Day Another Of The Chapters, For A Second Example, Answers What Other High School Movie Characters Would Be In Regina George S Circle Of Friends If We Opened Up The Mean Girls Universe To Include Other Movies Johnny Lawrence Is Temporarily In, Claire From The Breakfast Club Is In, Ferris Bueller Is Out, Isis From Bring It On Is Out Another Of The Chapters, For A Third Example, Creates A Special Version Of The Academy Awards Specifically For Rom Coms, The Most Underrated Movie Genre Of All And Another Of The Chapters, For A Final Example, Is Actually A Triple Chapter That Serves As An NBA Style Draft Of The Very Best And Most Memorable Moments In Gangster Movies Many, Many Things Happen In Movies And Other Things , Some Of Which Funny, Others Of Which Are Sad, A Few Of Which Are Insightful, And All Of Which Are Handled With The Type Of Care And Dedication To The Smallest Details And Pockets Of Pop Culture That Only A Book By Shea Serrano Can Provide

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    I used to read the musician Mike Doughty s blog I don t remember much of what he wrote, but there is one post that sticks out in my mind his review of Malcolm Gladwell s book Outliers.Now, I had read

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    First, the easy problem.In college, I made the same terrible mistake three times I confessed to a dude that I had not seen Pulp Fiction Each time, I was assured that I HAD to see Pulp Fiction, and then, by

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    This sort of feels like a fake rating, because I was almost certainly going to always give this 5 stars I like Shea s writing, I like movies, I like the illustrations.

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    Shea leads discussions that feel as if you re in a film studies class Or at least, hanging out with your buddies at the local Diner at 2am Fun and unique takes on movies.

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    Let this be a reminder to readers publishers that not everyone who is funny or entertaining on Twitter needs to or can write an entire book on one topic I picked up Movies And Other Things based on hearing Serrano on a f

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    I m really enjoying this book It s funny Nice bite sized distractions from the day to day, and a good mix of movies I know well and movies with titles I recognize but have never watched Or movies I watched and after reading S

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    What an absolute chore to get through I was really excited for this book and about half way through, I just wanted to die The book is full of pointless rules the author sets for himself and then breaks anyway because the rules hav

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    This book is a series of kitchen table debates about movies Serrano isn t particularly concerned with re hashing the common critical debates about cinema, instead the book focuses tightly on films and genres he has a deep personal affe

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    See my review of Shea Serrano s Basketball And Other Things

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    I ll definitely come back to this book after I finish the list of 50 movies I made of movies Shea talks about that I haven t seen If you re a fan of his work, this book will not disappoint He does a great job of helping you understand the movies

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