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Me In His First And Only Official Autobiography, Music Icon Elton John Reveals The Truth About His Extraordinary Life, Which Is Also The Subject Of The Upcoming Film Rocketman The Result Is Me The Joyously Funny, Honest And Moving Story Of The Most Enduringly Successful Singer Songwriter Of All TimeChristened Reginald Dwight, He Was A Shy Boy With Buddy Holly Glasses Who Grew Up In The London Suburb Of Pinner And Dreamed Of Becoming A Pop Star By The Age Of Twenty Three, He Was On His First Tour Of America, Facing An Astonished Audience In His Tight Silver Hotpants, Bare Legs And A T Shirt With ROCK AND ROLL Emblazoned Across It In Sequins Elton John Had Arrived And The Music World Would Never Be The Same AgainHis Life Has Been Full Of Drama, From The Early Rejection Of His Work With Song Writing Partner Bernie Taupin To Spinning Out Of Control As A Chart Topping Superstar From Half Heartedly Trying To Drown Himself In His LA Swimming Pool To Disco Dancing With The Queen From Friendships With John Lennon, Freddie Mercury And George Michael To Setting Up His AIDS Foundation All The While, Elton Was Hiding A Drug Addiction That Would Grip Him For Over A DecadeIn Me Elton Also Writes Powerfully About Getting Clean And Changing His Life, About Finding Love With David Furnish And Becoming A Father In A Voice That Is Warm, Humble And Open, This Is Elton On His Music And His Relationships, His Passions And His Mistakes This Is A Story That Will Stay With You, By A Living Legend

About the Author: Elton John

Sir Elton Hercules John CBE born Reginald Kenneth Dwight is an English pop rock singer, composer and pianist.In his four decade career, John has been one of the dominant forces in rock and popular music, especially during the 1970s He has sold than 300 million albums and over one hundred million singles, making him one of the most successful artists of all time He has won five

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    This was fabulous A walk through an incredibwm history of rock and roll, his own career and all the facets of celebrity Elton does not hold back and really creates a complete picture of a life without compare.

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    EJ What can I say I want I want the gossip, every single story, as Elton stated he loves This was beautiful, candid, from Elton I learned things I didn t know I can t say I was shocked at anything I m a fan since I can remember I heard Elton s music first, then I saw a picture Gapped front teeth,

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    Wow Just wow I thought ashamedly after watching Rocketman that I knew everything there was to know about Elton John s story His addiction, his eating disorder, his abusive relationships, and his broken home were on full display in his 2019 biopic starring Taron Egerton It was only after reading this

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    I have loved Elton John for than 40 years and have already seen Rocketman twice, so I m not exactly an objective reader But I have read autobiographies by some of my favorite musicians that didn t do much for me, like Elvis Costello s Unfaithful Music Disappearing Ink, so I m not a pushover For

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    If you re an Elton fan, this is a must read If you re not, it s still an exceedingly well written autobiography Ghostwritten by Alexis Petridis, who captures Elton s written voice flawlessly It comes across as if he is at home, sitting on the sofa with you This memoir is laugh out loud funny, heartbreaki

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    I rarely give 5 stars to books, but in this case I kinda had to because it was just really damn good I m fond of autobiographies in general, even though you always have to be wary of the subject putting themselves in an exclusively good light Fortunately, not something you really have to worry about with E

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    I was headed out on a cross country flight when I saw this book in the airport bookstore I did not know that it was out yet and was excited to see it on the shelf Let me say that if you want a 6 hour flight to go by fast, take this book with you This is a page turner and the writing is flawless I know he had

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    Elton really has been open and upfront during the interviews he has given in his life because I ve read or heard just about everything in his new book, which really says something It is undoubtedly a fast read as he has made sure it is written with few facts, particularly about his music, but this is what I fi

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    What will Elton John s new memoir Me tell you that the hit biopic Rocketman didn t Well, the movie ends with a triumphant recreation of the music video for I m Still Standing, a testament to how John has beat the odds after going to rehab and making peace with himself In the book, we learn what actually happened

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    Shockingly self aware and funny often laugh out loud More about personal and social affairs than any sort of in depth look at his composition process, but there are already books documentaries exploring that It s a standard celebrity memoir, overall, in form, but there s a lot of self deprecating charm, a lot of a

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