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The Selected Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke Parallel German Text And English TranslationThe Influence And Popularity Of Rilke S Poetry In America Have Never Been Greater Than They Are Today, Than Fifty Years After His Death Rilke Is Unquestionably The Most Significant And Compelling Poet Of Romantic Transformation, Of Spiritual Quest, That The Twentieth Century Has Known His Poems Of Ecstatic Identification With The World Exert A Seemingly Endless Fascination For Contemporary ReadersIn Stephen Mitchell S Versions, Many Readers Feel That They Have Discovered An English Rendering That Captures The Lyric Intensity, Fluency, And Reach Of Rilke S Poetry Accurately And Convincingly Than Has Ever Been Done BeforeMr Mitchell Is Impeccable In His Adherence To Rilke S Text, To His Formal Music, And To The Complexity Of His Thoughts At The Same Time, His Work Has Authority And Power As Poetry In Its Own Right Few Translators Of Any Poet Have Arrived At The Delicate Balance Of Fidelity And Originality That Mr Mitchell Has Brought Off With Seeming EffortlessnessOriginally Published New York Random House,

About the Author: Rainer Maria Rilke

Rainer Maria Rilke is considered one of the German language s greatest 20th century poets His haunting images tend to focus on the difficulty of communion with the ineffable in an age of disbelief, solitude, and profound anxiety themes that tend to position him as a transitional figure between the traditional and the modernist poets.He wrote in both verse and a highly lyrical prose His two

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    Yet, no matter how deeply I go down into myself, my God is dark, and like a webbing made of a hundred roots that drink in silence Rainer Maria Rilke, The Selected Poetry of Rainer Maria RilkeRainer Maria Ril

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    This is a book you might need years to prepare for Rilke is complex, his images interweave and play off each other I believe it has something to do with the penchant for puns and hyphenated, conjuncted words that German is pr

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    Many poets can distill their thoughts, observations, and feelings into poetry in a way that I could never accomplish, but I don t necessarily view them as wise human beings They might have all sorts of other strengths, but deep inter

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    I m not the world s biggest poetry buff, but Rilke s work is like lyric philosophy, and the depth of ideas and richness of imagery is overwhelming It s been way too long since reading these, and I ve thoroughly loved the re read over the la

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    I have read many of the poems in this collection dozens of times, by a handful of different translators, and I never, ever tire of Rilke No modern poet goes as far into himself, into the invisible, unheard center , and returns with such gems, really

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    I first discovered Rilke earlier this month when one of my friends posted a snippet of his poetry for National Poetry Month The lines entranced me, and I decided I wanted to read So I found this selection of his poetry and read it from start to finish I lo

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    Rilke s words spring from a compassion and nobility that plunges into the depths and rises to the heights of human experience Spend time with this book You will increase your humanity.Everywhere transience is plunging into the depth of Being.It is our task to impri

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    Rilke is truly incredible his style is so vaporous the images linger and cloud together, broken up by indefinite semicolons and dashes, and the final lines are like cold glass against the cheek he s overwhelmingly receptive to beauty and intensity in the world in letters,

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    I have read this edition of Rilke s poetry several times since 1993, and I am sure that my recent reading will not be my last Stephen Mitchell has done a good job of editing and translating Rilke s work, and this bilingual edition would seem ideal for those readers who read German

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    There are not enough stars on Goodreads for Rilke I loved this book, which included a little sampler from each of his books, chronologically, except the Duino Elegies, which was here in its entirety I read the Duino Elegies first and was hooked, but the others are almost as good The Sonne

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