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Ink & Sigil Al MacBharrais is both blessed and cursed He is blessed with an extraordinary white moustache, an appreciation for craft cocktails and a most unique magical talent He can cast spells with magically enchanted ink and he uses his gifts to protect our world from rogue minions of various pantheons, especially the FaeBut he is also cursed Anyone who hears his voice will begin to feel an inexplicable hatred for Al, so he can only communicate through the written word or speech apps And his apprentices keep dying in peculiar freak accidents As his personal life crumbles around him, he devotes his life to his work, all the while trying to crack the secret of his curseBut when his latest apprentice, Gordie, turns up dead in his Glasgow flat, Al discovers evidence that Gordie was living a secret life of crime Now Al is forced to play detective while avoiding actual detectives who are wondering why death seems to always follow Al Investigating his apprentice s death will take him through Scotland s magical underworld, and he ll need the help of a mischievous hobgoblin if he s to survive

About the Author: Kevin Hearne

Kevin is the NYT bestselling author of the Iron Druid Chronicles, as well as The Seven Kennings, an epic fantasy trilogy, and the Tales of Pell, a humorous fantasy series co authored with Delilah S Dawson INK SIGIL, a new urban fantasy series set in the Iron Druid universe, will be out in 2020.

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    It s an entertaining, magical, action packed return to the Iron Druid Chronicles universe with brand new Sigil Agent in his sixties with magnificent white moustache, amazing taste of alcoholic beverages and fantastic skill gives him enough power to fight against Faes But unfortunately this blessed man is also cursed with his voice as soon as he starts to talk, anyone hears him starts hating his guts and it ends with dangerous an

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    Ink Sigil features a very appealing cover Ink Sigil features a master wizard who makes sigils paper spells , but is cursed so that he can t speak without being hated It is told in heavy Scottish dialect and even comes with a short glossary of word usage However, I m not a big fan of urban fantasy, a sub genre of fantasy where the modern world through some twist of fate is peopled by elves, wizards, fairies, gnomes, and all sorts of imag

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    Is there anything better than a book that not only transports you to another reality, but does so while with a fresh and unique flair Al MacBharrais is not your typical magical user He isn t young and dashing, he s been cursed, but his ability to create magic out of ink and paper Kevin Hearnes INK SIGIL is part mystery and mayhem and one hundred percent entertaining as Al attempts to discover why his apprentices are dying and what evil is lurki

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    This Review will run Today May 11, 2020 through the Book s Publication birthday on August 25, 2020 and Beyond here on my goodreads account here at this link.I received a complimentary copy of this ebook from the author, publisher, and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Al MacBharrais is a sigil agent for the Fae Queen Brighid but is a cursed man All of his apprentices die in freak accidents and no one can hear him speak so he has to refer to ty

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    4.5 stars Review to come closer to the release date, but this is top notch fun urban fantasy.

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    This is what happens when you give a frat boy a laptop and tell him to write a story Brawling leprechauns, swearing hobgoblins and a mute ink wizard oh my It took my a while to get into this story because while the action kinda started right at the beginning I just didn t care about any of it This had a great cast of characters and I am partial to Nadia The name Buck Foi was just annoying as hell and wholly immature and not as funny as I think the author wants it to b

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    I love the Iron Druid series and jumped at the chance to get an ARC of Kevin Hearne s new series debut Ink Sigil from Net Galley I did enjoy it, but I hope the next one might have a littlepizzazz I was nervous about the thorough guide to dialect and pronunciation at the beginning of the book as I was already reading a dystopian book that is told in deteriorated English that was wearing on me Not the case here, it was easy to follow and pronounce in my head The characters are

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    Series Info Source I got this as an eGalley from NetGalley for review This is the first book in the new Ink Sigil series This series is set in the same world as the Iron Druid Chronicles but some time after that series.Story 5 5 I loved the idea of Sigil Agents and enjoyed being introduced to Al MacBharrais s world In addition to Al s fascinating day to day life there is an excellent mystery here that encompasses the strange deaths of many of his apprentices and a curse placed on Al

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    Thank the gods and Kevin Hearne Another chance to re enter the delightful world of the Iron Druid this time through the eyes and action of the delightful Al MacBharrais Mac Vare Ish one of five Sigil Agents in the world his territory is Scotland and Europe His job is to monitor and control visitation of spirits, creatures and deities from the multiple other planes and pantheons especially the various creatures of the Fae He not only makes and interprets magical contracts, Thank the gods and

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    Thank you to the publishers and NetGalley for an eARC in exchange for an honest review.Ink Sigil follows Aloysius MacBharrais, affectionately known as Al to his friends, a sigil agent He and four other people from around the world oversee territories where they help keep supernatural goings on under wraps and policing the human fae peace treaty Al s world is thrown askew when his apprentice is found dead and Al finds that there was a violation of the treaty right under his nose What will Al Thank yo

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