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Hollywood Park Chosen As A Most Anticipated Book Of By O, The Oprah Magazine Hollywood Park Is A Remarkable Memoir Of A Tumultuous Life Mikel Jollett Was Born Into One Of The Country S Most Infamous Cults, And Subjected To A Childhood Filled With Poverty, Addiction, And Emotional Abuse Yet, Ultimately, His Is A Story Of Fierce Love And Family Loyalty Told In A Raw, Poetic Voice That Signals The Emergence Of A Uniquely Gifted Writer We Were Never Young We Were Just Too Afraid Of Ourselves No One Told Us Who We Were Or What We Were Or Where All Our Parents Went They Would Arrive Like Ghosts, Visiting Us For A Morning, An Afternoon They Would Sit With Us Or Walk Around The Grounds, To Laugh Or Cry Or Toss Us In The Air While We Screamed Then They D Disappear Again, For Weeks, For Months, For Years, Leaving Us Alone With Our Memories And Dreams, Our Questions And Confusion So Begins Hollywood Park, Mikel Jollett S Remarkable Memoir His Story Opens In An Experimental Commune In California, Which Later Morphed Into The Church Of Synanon, One Of The Country S Most Infamous And Dangerous Cults Per The Leader S Mandate, All Children, Including Jollett And His Older Brother, Were Separated From Their Parents When They Were Six Months Old, And Handed Over To The Cult S School After Spending Years In What Was Essentially An Orphanage, Mikel Escaped The Cult One Morning With His Mother And Older Brother But In Many Ways, Life Outside Synanon Was Even Harder And ErraticIn His Raw, Poetic And Powerful Voice, Jollett Portrays A Childhood Filled With Abject Poverty, Trauma, Emotional Abuse, Delinquency And The Lure Of Drugs And Alcohol Raised By A Clinically Depressed Mother, Tormented By His Angry Older Brother, Subjected To The Unpredictability Of Troubled Step Fathers And Longing For Contact With His Father, A Former Heroin Addict And Ex Con, Jollett Slowly, Often Painfully, Builds A Life That Leads Him To Stanford University And, Eventually, To Finding His Voice As A Writer And Musician Hollywood Park Is Told At First Through The Limited Perspective Of A Child, And Then Broadens As Jollett Begins To Understand The World Around Him Although Mikel Jollett S Story Is Filled With Heartbreak, It Is Ultimately An Unforgettable Portrayal Of Love At Its Fiercest And Most Loyal A Story Of Fierce Love And Family Loyalty This Moving And Profound Memoir Is For Anyone Who Loves A Good Redemption Story Good Morning America, Books We Re Excited For In

About the Author: Mikel Jollett

Mikel Jollett is the frontman of the indie band The Airborne Toxic Event Prior to forming the band, Jollett graduated with honors from Stanford University He was an on air columnist for NPR s All Things Considered, an editor at large for Men s Health and an editor at Filter magazine His fiction has been published in McSweeney s.

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    We were never young No one told us who we were or where all our parents went They would arrive like ghosts, visiting us for a morning, an afternoon They would sit with us or walk around the grounds, to laugh or cry or toss us up in the air while we screamed Then they d disappear again, for weeks, for months, for years, leaving us alone with our memories and d

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    This was a well written memoir and once again proves my point you don t necessarily have to be familiar with the person ahead of time in order to appreciate their story Mikel spent the first few years of his life in the Church of Synanon which was a cult Thankfully he and his family escaped but obviously the experience is something that stays with you and the long term ef

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    Author Mikel JollettMikel Jollett, frontman for the indie rock band Airborne Toxic Event, had a tumultuous childhood Airborne Toxic EventMikel Jollett performingJollett s parents were members of Synanon, a California cult that began as a drug rehab organization Synanon was founded in 1958, and aspired to be a place where people lived, all together, being honest and free and not ta

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    Most memoirs are the story of someone overcoming adversity of some sort This memoir is not an exception What is exceptional is the writing It s visceral and affecting Jollett begins his story writing much like a child but not annoyingly so He seamlessly moves into his teen aged, young adult and adult years without missing a beat For the first five years of his life, Jollett was raised with

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    I m not sure that I have the words to describe my feelings after reading Mikel Jollett s truly remarkable memoir Hollywood Park The very first thing that caught my attention with this book was the title, as it shared a name with a place that I used to be very familiar with and it made me curious, whether it was merely a coincidence or actually a reference to what I thought it was Even afte

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    This was a very well written memoir, just wonderful and kept my interest from beginning to end It s yet another one that I read at one go It tells the story of a family s spending their early years in the unusual environment of the cultish group Church of Synanon, affected their later years The group started out as a drug rehab and the family went there so the father could get off heroin Both author Mikel J

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    Prior to reading this book, I had never heard of this author or his music That didn t stop me from being absolutely captivated by his story Often, artists from another genre are unable to communicate as well in a book, but Jollett is a magnificent writer He is able to convey the deep pain he felt during his childhood that carried into life as an adult His introspection is so very real, and although this is his story

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    Fair warning I received a free ARC of this book from the fine folks at Celadon Books I ve forgotten exactly what I did to get onto their advance reader list, but details are probably listed somewhere on their website HollywoodParkMemoir, CeladonReads, partnerI knew absolutely nothing going into this Never heard of Mikel Jollett or his band, the Airborne Toxic Event, before Hadn t read any advance descriptions of the book Not

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    An unflinchingly honest memoir about how the first few years of a child s life will effect his adulthood Jollet and his brother were raised in, essentially, an orphanage that was part of a cult Taken out as young children, by their narcissistic mother, and hiding from the cult, the two had tumultuous childhoods before moving in with their father, a former drug addict and ex convict They each struggled in their own way and he manages

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    Originally published on my book blog, TheBibliophage.com.Musician Mikel Jollett didn t have an easy childhood In his upcoming memoir, titled Hollywood Park, he tells his story It s a moving exposition of many topics, from cults to chronic depression, addiction, and the power of family to both hurt and heal Jollett s writing seems honest to a fault, while delicately balancing the book s overall mood.When he was just six months old, his parents

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