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Salt Water In the summer ofI fell in love and my father drownedSo begins this luminous story of a young man s passage through the dark turns of adult passion A contemporary retelling of Turgenev s classic tale First Love, Salt Water is set against a summer landscape of water, sand, and sky, and relates in seductive detail the momentous events that changed a family forever On an isolated island off the Atlantic coast, fifteen year old Michael and his parents begin their customary lazy vacation When two exquisite flirts shatter the calm, Michael experiences the provocative mysteries and the consequences of various kinds of love romantic and sensual, paternal and filial William Faulkner Award winning author Charles Simmons explores the very heart of the human need to be wanted, the intricacies of the father son bond, and a boy s adolescence in all of its desires, confusion, and heartbreak

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    This was a quick read Not a modern style it s a retelling of Turgenev s First Love, which I haven t read, but will Somehow I never got into the main character, a young boy falling in love for the first time The story is told in a ver

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    I came across this slender novel in a used bookstore and had a vague recollection that it d been recommended to me, by someone, at some time Maybe I wasn t sure Still, I thought it d be worth taking a chance on a story that starts wit

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    I was immediately struck by the tone of this book It grabbed me and pulled me right in and I knew I was in for something melancholic but by the end I was not sad, rather I was blown away A simple story told brilliantly It left me with

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    Very well written, think of it as literary beach reading The characters were well drawn and it kept me engaged Quick read.

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    Very good a fast read Very good a fast read

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    I adored this little book.

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    Beautiful spare prose and a haunting story.

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    This slim novel is a contemporary retelling of Turgenev s classic tale First Love, which I have not read and therefor can make no comparison It takes place during a summer spent at a summer house on an isolated island off the coast It is th

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    This was one of those deceivingly simple reads only 175 pages with a seemingly simple writing style and plot However, the sparse prose style belies some deep themes and I found myself going back and re reading sections to draw out clues and

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    This book was better than I had expected Very atmospheric, interesting characters And quite a few good insights into being young and hopeful, about love and sex, relationships and marriage, and growing old I recommend it One star off for bein

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