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A Burning For Readers Of Tommy Orange, Yaa Gyasi, And Jhumpa Lahiri, An Electrifying Debut Novel About Three Unforgettable Characters Who Seek To Rise To The Middle Class, To Political Power, To Fame In The Movies And Find Their Lives Entangled In The Wake Of A Catastrophe In Contemporary IndiaJivan Is A Muslim Girl From The Slums, Determined To Move Up In Life, Who Is Accused Of Executing A Terrorist Attack On A Train Because Of A Careless Comment On Facebook PT Sir Is An Opportunistic Gym Teacher Who Hitches His Aspirations To A Right Wing Political Party, And Finds That His Own Ascent Becomes Linked To Jivan S Fall Lovely An Irresistible Outcast Whose Exuberant Voice And Dreams Of Glory Fill The Novel With Warmth And Hope And Humor Has The Alibi That Can Set Jivan Free, But It Will Cost Her Everything She Holds DearTaut, Symphonic, Propulsive, And Riveting From Its Opening Lines, A Burning Has The Force Of An Epic While Being So Masterfully Compressed It Can Be Read In A Single Sitting Majumdar Writes With Dazzling Assurance At A Breakneck Pace On Complex Themes That Read Here As The Components Of A Thriller Class, Fate, Corruption, Justice, And What It Feels Like To Face Profound Obstacles And Yet Nurture Big Dreams In A Country Spinning Toward Extremism An Extraordinary Debut

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    find this review others on my blog At the start of Majumdar s standout debut novel, Jivan, a young Muslim woman, makes a Facebook post that takes a jab at the government s handling of a train bombing in Bengal Someone hastens to whisper of it, and Jivan lands in a pris

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    A wonderfully plotted, ambitious debut novel by a writer with a lot to offer, the story of 3 lives intersecting around a single, harrowing lie Majumdar takes major risks with a multi perspective, voice driven novel whose politics often occur in the background, but her e

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    It all starts simply enough an idealistic young Muslim girl uses her very first costly device with her own salary, a SmartPhone, to join in the conversation on Facebook A vicious train attack by terrorists has just taken place and right afterwards, she posts an ill advis

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    My heart is broken into 1000 pieces I cannot wait to champion this book closer to pub date Pre order please Review to come in June 2020.

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    This was a story and cast of characters that made my head spin in the best kind of way This book was absolutely phenomenal and I cannot stop thinking about their fates and the thematic discussions this brought up about contemporary India I will keep this review spoiler fre

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    A Burning was a bright and emphatic debut novel by a talented writer who crafted a circus like novel and she played all the parts with ease The ringleader of the eye opening tale of class representation, government corruption, the unfair prison system and systematic patriar

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    This book gutted me As I was reading, I could see it going in that direction but that didn t stop the feeling that overcame me as I finished.Let me first say that this book was written by a friend of mine but it would have been something I d have on my to read list regardles

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    So, I started this book with great excitement After all, it is on all lists, and one of the major releases of 2020 It started off slow I wasn t invested in the characters or the plot This is just me being honest about what I felt while reading it Till, I reached about 100 pag

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    An infectious, propulsive read set in modern day India driven by the story of a young woman falsely accused of an act of terrorism A major debut.

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    In Megha Majumbar s debut novel A Burning we meet three characters Jivan,, PT Sir and Lovely who are placed in difficult circumstances and will have to navigate them Set in India, we meet Jivan , a Muslim girl who grew up poor and is living in a slum She received a scholarship

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