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The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes It Is The Morning Of The Reaping That Will Kick Off The Th Annual Hunger Games In The Capitol, Year Old Coriolanus Snow Is Preparing For His One Shot At Glory As A Mentor In The Games The Once Mighty House Of Snow Has Fallen On Hard Times, Its Fate Hanging On The Slender Chance That Coriolanus Will Be Able To Out Charm, Outwit, And Outmaneuver His Fellow Students To Mentor The Winning TributeThe Odds Are Against Him He S Been Given The Humiliating Assignment Of Mentoring The Female Tribute From District , The Lowest Of The Low Their Fates Are Now Completely Intertwined Every Choice Coriolanus Makes Could Lead To Favor Or Failure, Triumph Or Ruin Inside The Arena, It Will Be A Fight To The Death Outside The Arena, Coriolanus Starts To Feel For His Doomed Tribute And Must Weigh His Need To Follow The Rules Against His Desire To Survive No Matter What It Takes

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    So apparently this is about President Snow A teen born to privilege but searching for something , a far cry from the man we know he will become Here he s friendly He s charming For now he s a hero Really

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    whispers softly fuck

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    hi hello, excuse me as I temporarily switch back to my former occupation as a Hunger Games enthusiast pulls out all my merch from the closet

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    I really really really don t care about Snow s life.

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    When you patiently wait for this book too long and you find out this book s plot is about President Snow s early times

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    Outside the arena, Coriolanus starts to feel for his doomed tribute and must weigh his need to follow the rules against his desire to survive no matter what it takes. intense screaming intensifies uhum excuse me sorrryyyHOLIEEEEE SHITTTwhaaattttttt sfbkjsdks Deeep in the meeaaadow, under the wiiillow, you ll f

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    Cover and Title Reveal Hi, hello, excuse me, what is this What s going on Is this the next book that we didn t even know that we needed

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    All I m saying is this book better not try to make me feel sorry for President Snow or I ll riot Yes, I m still going to read it and it will be interesting to know about Snow but I m tired of authors taking characters we hate and giving them redemption plots Let me hate them in peace thank you I guess i ll just have to wai

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    may the odds of getting an arc of this be and i cannot stress this enough ever in your favour

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