Wedding Night Revenge Kindle Ó Wedding Night Kindle

Wedding Night Revenge Heroine is unsure of her fiance and jilts him a day before the wedding hoping he will break his control and follow her This does not happen and she is wooed by other men in vain Six years pass by and the H and h meet again and sparks fly This time the H ismature andassertive and protective of the girl behind the scene He wins her finally Very beautiful story again I loved all Mary Brendan books that I have read so far. Good book. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here i did not like the basic plot itself dat silly chit rachel jilted connor becoz she wanted him 2 pursue her 2 prove dat he truly loved her she did dat becoz she loved him big lol p A SCANDALOUS PROPOSAL Rachel Meredith is beautiful, witty, an heiress and single She s turned down every offer of marriage and jilted the most eligible bachelor, handsome Major Connor Flinte When her father loses her family home in a game of cards, Rachel is furious Especially as the new owner is Connor Flinte, now the Earl of Devane She will do anything to get her home back But Connor wants revenge he ll return the deeds of the estate on one condition Rachel must give him the wedding night he never had

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