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The Acid House Description from the inside sleeveThis scintillating, disturbing, and altogether outrageous collection of stories introduces to these shores a young writer already being called the Scottish Celine of the s Guardian and a mad postmodern Roald Dahl Weekend Scotsman Using a range of approaches from bitter realism to demented fantasy, Irvine Welsh is able to evoke the essential humanity, well hidden as it is, of his generally depraved, lazy, manipulative, and vicious characters He specializes particularly in cosmic reversals God turns a hapless footballer into a fly an acid head and a newborn infant exchange consciousnesses with sardonically unexpected results always displaying a corrosive wit and a telling accuracy of language and detail Irvine Welsh is one hilariously dangerous writer and he is bound to create a sensation Includes the following storiesThe Shooter Eurotrash Stoke Newington Blues VatA Soft Touch The Last Resort on the Adriatic Sexual Disaster Quartet Snuff A Blockage in the System Wayne Foster Where the Debris Meets the Sea Granny s Old Junk The House of John Deaf Across the Hall Lisa s Mum Meets the Queen Mum The Two Philosophers Disnae Matter The Granton Star Cause Snowman Building Parts for Rico the Squirrel Sport for All The Acid House A Smart Cunt a novella

About the Author: Irvine Welsh

Probably most famous for his gritty depiction of a gang of Scottish Heroin addicts, Trainspotting 1993 , Welsh focuses on the darker side of human nature and drug use All of his novels are set in his native Scotland and filled with anti heroes, small time crooks and hooligans Welsh manages, however to imbue these characters with a sad humanity that makes them likable despite their obvious scumbaggerry Irvine Welsh is also known for writing in his native Edinburgh Scots dialect, making his prose challenging for the average reader unfamiliar with this style.

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    Holy shit, how could I have forgotten to add this to my list already, this collection of breakneck vileness, this wretchedness you wrench your head away from in shame that it happens to be so gripping and so funny In the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind they have invent

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    I m pretty sure the novella A Smart Cunt was in here Though I have zero recollection of it now, at the time I read that I thought it was brilliant, and because I was bored on vacation in London with nothing better to do, I wrote what I believe was the only fan letter to an author I ve eve

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    I really enjoyed these stories Like a lot of Welsh s work, the language and the settings capture something really special which is why I ve decided to bump it up from 3 stars to 4 stars as 3 would be unjustifiable I felt waves of nostalgia when reading certain reference points which I ve only com

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    Let me say that Irvine Welsh is my all time favorite author Books such as Trainspotting and Ecstasy are pinnacles of modern fiction alright, not so modern any, I guess His stories are always insane, his characters flawed but wonderful, and the usage of Scottish vernacular is the coolest way books have be

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    The Acid House is a collection of short stories, with each story featuring a new set of characters and scenarios I am a fan of Irvine Welsh s works so I really enjoyed this one Welsh s characters are edgy society s dregs, hard luck losers pinned to seediness by their own low expectations The short stories are fu

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    A number of dank and torrid tales of wrongdoing Irvine Welsh says, if you don t get to the bottom of things, are you really alive I mean society being what it is, isn t the sensible man s response to go insane Well, I don t know, Welsh your philosophy is debatable but your prose is stunning My favorites here are a The G

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    This book made me laugh so much It s a bunch of short stories and there are two that really stuck out for me In one a guy drops acid and ends up switching bodies with a baby or thinking he did, I can t remember The baby with his adult brain gets off on breast feeding and watching his parents have sex The Adult with the baby bra

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    I was disappointed when I cracked this open to find that it was a collection of short stories I did not realise this at the time I put this on my wishlist I m not a massive fan of short stories They tend to be dull and have this unfinishedness about them I read them all anyways and while some were better than others The Granton Star Ca

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    There s always , alwaysof this fuckin shite to get through It never ends They say it gets easier to handle the older you get I hope so I hope tae fuck.

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    This is the fucking tops, a collection of stories delving into the depravity and disillusionment of post Thatcher Scotland The misfortunes are of a people inherently unprofitable, without place in the neo liberal hell scape they are emerging into Their past times are primarily drugs, sex and avoiding work If the Tories were to write a book describing

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