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Bestial pornographic movies and aniseed addiction hallucinogenic mushrooms and incest a homosexual crime passionnel As you would expect from Jonathan Meades, his disturbing collection of short stories introduces us to characters who lurk and linger around the back alleys of the mind Filthy English

About the Author: Jonathan Meades

Jonathan Turner Meades born 21 January 1947 is a writer, food journalist, essayist and film maker Meades has written and performed inthan 50 television shows on predominantly topographical subjects His books include three works of fiction and several anthologies.Meades is an Honorary Associate of the National Secular Society and a Patron of the British Humanist Association.Meades was born in Salisbury, Wiltshire, and educated at King s College, Taunton, which he described as a dim, muscular Christian boot camp He studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art RADA in 1968.Meades wrote reviews and articles for The Times for many years, and was specifically its restaurant critic from 1986 to 2001 He was voted Best Food Journalist in the 1999 Glenfiddich Awards Having given up writing about English cuisine in 2001 after being The Times restaurant critic for fifteen years, Meades estimated, in an interview with Restaurant magazine, that he had put on 5 lb a year during his reviewing period, which works out around an ounce per restaurant By his own statement in the series Meades Eats, after being pronounced morbidly obese he subsequently managed to lose a third of his body weight over the course of a year.His first collection of stories Filthy English was followed by Pompey 1993 , which was widely praised and compared to Sterne, Scarfe, Steadman, Dickens and Joyce amongst other great stylists.Meades An Encyclopaedia of Myself was published in May 2014 by Fourth Estate It was long listed for that year s Samuel Johnson Prize and won Best Memoir in the Spear s Book Awards 2014 Roger Lewis of the Financial Times said of the work that If this book is thought of less as a memoir than as a symphonic poem about post war England and Englishness well, then it is a masterpiece Meades s book Museum Without Walls was published on the Unbound crowd funding site, in both print and e book editions.

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    More dark comedy and human degradation as Meades weaves tales of those living on the margins in the 1940s, 50s up to the start of the drug era 60s that would change everything within the margins, including the economy there We get the ma

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    This has been a helluv an introduction to Jonathan Meades I m so glad Paladin mentioned it in their copy of Georges Bataille s Blue of Noon that I read It s slightly surreal to think this was released in the 1980s, for me it feels like an e

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    No one understands England better than Meades Stephen FryIt s a glowing endorsement really but perhaps I should have known better, Stephen Fry is famous for being ridiculously intelligent by 21st Century standards and this collection of bizarr

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    Having only understood every third word or so did not detract from the fact that Meades head should probably be sectioned under the Mental Health Act A collection of rather disturbing tales centred around the part of England where I happen to liv

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    entertaining, crazy, and, indeed, filthy a treasure trove of new vocabulary you never expected to find in the most unlikely of combinations, e.g this priceless little vignette from a rural pub A normally well behaved dog called Dusty found it too mu

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    A collection of short stories, the best of which is the first one in the book entitled Fur and Skin It stands out because it is a bit different and well. I like a bit different the rest seem to be sort of oh well a bit on the dull side I guess when Ste

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    I didn t reach the satisfaction of having read an amazingly good story, all in all Spring and Fall had fantastic bits Fur and Skin was enjoyable overall Filthy English was well done in places as, I suppose, all of them were but the rest impressed me less,

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    Vile but well written, draws you in , couldn t stop reading, last story a murder story, with a mystery element SPOILER the murderer has to be I ve forgotten how to do the spoiler hide thing so won t say but I was up all night trying to work out who, what thi

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    I found this book last spring when I was at Shakepeare Co in Paris I decided I HAD to get something while I was there and this was 6 and it has an endorsement from Stephen Fry on it, so I figured it must be good It s taken me forever to get through it too many

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    I m not sure whether I liked it, or whether it was OK It s that kind of book Rather like a meal consisting of pan fried foie gras with raspberry reduction, followed by confit of duck with cherry reduction, and a crepe suzette to close All delicious in their way, b

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