Sense and Goodness Without God: A Defense of Metaphysical

Sense and Goodness Without God: A Defense of Metaphysical Naturalism If God does not exist, then what does Is there good and evil, and should we care How do we know what s true anyway And can we make any sense of this universe, or our own lives Sense and Goodness answers all these questions in lavish detail, without complex jargon A complete worldview is presented and defended, covering every subject from knowledge to art, from metaphysics to morality, from theology to politics Topics include free will, the nature of the universe, the meaning of life, and much , arguing from scientific evidence that there is only a physical, natural world without gods or spirits, but that we can still live a life of love, meaning, and joy

About the Author: Richard C. Carrier

Richard Cevantis Carrier is an American historian, published philosopher, and prominent defender of the American freethought movement He is well known for his writings on Internet Infidels, otherwise known as the Secular Web, where he served as Editor in Chief for several years As an advocate of atheism and metaphysical naturalism, he has published articles in books, journals and magazines, and also features on the documentary film The God Who Wasn t There, where he is interviewed about his doubts on the historicity of Jesus He currently contributes to The God Contention, a web site comparing and contrasting various worldviews.

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    There is no refutation for the standard proofs of supernatural or magical thinking mumbo jumbo that this book doesn t address Usually, if you watch a debate on youtube for the proof of God and the person s specific religion all the arguments follow the same six forms design and teleological, first cause, morality, ontological, purpose of life, and proof of the resurrection This book

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    An excellent book The title misled me a bit I picked the book up thinking it would beof a crack at theistic ideas, a smart version of something like The God Delusion, but it sthan that It s a case for Metaphysical Naturalism, which is a convoluted title for something but basically just accepts that the natural world is all there is, and it sof an explanation of an alternative worldview than

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    Sense and Goodness Without God by Richard Carrier Sense and Goodness Without God A Defense of Metaphysical Naturalism is a great reference book about the metaphysical naturalist worldview It s a book the answers the big philosophical questions about our world in a comprehensive and thorough fashion Mr Carrier tackles a very ambitious project he covers a lot of interesting issues with a luxury of det

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    I absolutely loved this book I came to it expecting to find an intelligent defense of a moral outlook that didn t depend on a God and found instead a full fledged world cosmic view that perfectly described my own but so muchcompletely than I have ever managed to communicate If I were to direct someone to a source from which they might gain a good understanding of my own way of thinking, other than to my own

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    This was a great book on Naturalism While there are a number of good books that cover the various subjects and disciplines that are addressed in this one, none of them knit everything together like Richard Carrier does There is a lot to get through and you will want to read itthan once After each section is a bibliography for further exploring the topic being discussed.

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    The content in this book will require much writing and discussion I was already a metaphysical naturalist upon reading this book, and already very familiar with Carrier and his thought The first 80% of the book is wonderfully argued and arranged Ethics are not my focus in philosophy for me it s epistemology, aesthetics, and politics , so his discussions there are a little over my head, but I believe I understood them I hav

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    The author did a very good job of building his case He used logic and reason to demonstratrate that metaphysical naturalism is the only worldview that is supported by the evidence Carrier also made an honest effort to present a Christian refutation to his views and convincingly debunked dissenting points I didn t necessarily like that he focussed so much time on the writings of JP Moreland but I would have to assume that he did so

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    Excellent discussion of metaphysical naturalism It is unfortunately an overly broad discussion with regards to specific applications I followed all of his logic and arguments until the very end, when he gets into his personal political views Somehow there is a disconnect between the evidence he demands of religion, and the evidence he demands for government policies He understands the misery brought on by all collective socialistic regime

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    I d rather give it 3.5 stars.I skipped a bit and wish I skipped .The text reads like a textbook.The best part in the entire book is the forward by the author.This book attempts to be an all inclusive read on every aspect of living a secular humanistic life giving you the answer to every question which may be asked This leads a very long, drawn out book His Defense of a Metaphysical Naturalism, defends all things defendable.His material is good He

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    Richard Carrier has obviously done a lot of thinking about the Big Questions who are we, why are we here, what does it mean to love, to be a good person, to matter And, by and large, his answers are sound and well thought out, especially in the realm of morality and the origin of the universe His views on the scientific method, art and politics I either quibbled with or outright disagreed with But he did get me to confess that yes, I am an atheist And I

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