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Krimson The sequel to Thomas Emson s bestselling Skarlet , Krimson finds the vampire plague continuing to spread

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    Sadly i have given up with this book i started it about a week ago and haven t finished it i haven t enjoyed reading this instalment Chapters were to short and it kept flipping between pics seemed to drag in pretty much everywhere i was just reading thinking get on with it Sadly i read 200 pages and gave up Sad as i really enjoyed the first one but will not be containing with this trilogy.

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    The second volume of a trilogy, Kardinal picks up three years after the first book Skarlet left off There s a lot going on in this novel political machinations as an ancient bloodline schemes to turn the United Kingdom into a vampire nation, and a ground level rebellion as the survivors from the first book launch a guerilla campaign from hiding It s a very fast read despite the size of the book, plot driven to the point of breathlessness, and avoids th

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    I do like this genre of book, but this I found that this a vampire book with no bite I could not get into it.

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    Never going to win any awards but a great read gory and fast paced, even better than Skarlet

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    3 years ago, the Skarlet pills were distributed to goth clubbers at their vampire night, little did they know those pills would turn them into actual vampires Krimson fast forwards to 3 years later Jake is still alive, some how he escaped the fire his allies him set at Religion, the club used as a cover to raise an ancient evil He has become some what of a Robin Hood figure, a folklore what seems a reincarnate of Abraham, the man who originally felled the

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    The story continues 3 years after Skarlet.Jake is still fighting vampires while his enemies are planning on resurrecting new monsters to make Britain Babylon.It just continues like the first book many short chapters which is good and the pages literally fly be hungry vampires crazy Nebuchapnezzars and even crazier abmitions this time espicially at the end Jake fighting interesting backstory of the origin of the vampire trinity chaos and mayhem at the end o

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    I actually rated this book as 2 1 2 out of 5 stars I liked the story and can t wait to read the third and final part of this trilogy, but didn t always like the actual style of writing Just my personal taste though.

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    Not as good as the first one, but needed to be read to find out what happens next I m looking forward to the conclusion of the story in the last book of the trilogy.

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    Different from other vampire book I ve ever read x

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