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Cullen's Bride PREGNANT WITH HIS CHILD When Rachel Sinclair met former agent Cullen Logan, she was all too aware of his dark past Soon, though, she was falling in love with him, reputation or no reputation But Cullen wasn t so easy to convince, even once she announced she was pregnant with his child DADDY WITH A PAST Cullen knew that being with him was probably the most dangerous choice she could make He also knew that the only honorable thing to do was marry her But being around Rachel made Cullen all too aware that the only thing dangerous than his past was the danger she posed to his heart

About the Author: Fiona Brand

Fiona Brand has always wanted to write After working eight years for the New Zealand Forest Service as a clerk, she decided she could spend at least that much time trying to get a novel published Luckily it took five years, not eight, before Fiona wrote her first award winning novel.She has won the Australian Romantic Book of the Year award category section twice, one of her novels was listed by Romantic Times as one of their all time top two hundred favorite romance books and she has been featured in Next and She magazines Fiona lives in a subtropical South Seas paradise called the Bay of Islands with her two sons.

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    I know I m a little behind this series started in 1999 , but several people that love Linda Howard, like I do, have highly recommended Ms Brand s SAS series Cullen s Bride is the beginning I loved it This is a book that I couldn t put down It was interesting, had some suspense, and featured a to die for hero Cullen Logan h

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    I DON T KNOW WHY I PUT MYSELF THROUGH THIS TORTURE Harlequins and Silhouettes aren t generally known for their good writing BUT I KEEP READING THEM Ugh This one was worse than usual And yet, YET, I still keep going back to Harlequins Stupid me, huh You can say that again I don t know what it is about them that pulls me Maybe it s j

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Cullen took a little too long to get his act together for my taste His inability to see and acknowledge how his actions hurt the heroine until the bitter end made him seem selfish in my eyes Yes the ending was good but I hate it when a woman has to go through a

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    Cullen s Bride is the story of Rachel and Cullen.What a beautiful book A slow burn romance between the ex special forces bad boy outcast of the town and the recently divorced and heartbroken town sweetheart They are instantly attracted to each other, something which culminates into an explosive night, after which the h ends up pregnant The H has had

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    I expectedfrom this book Not bad fairly easy read I expected a littledepth H does not cheat h s husband not the H left h for another woman She is divorced from her husband as the story begins It takes a while for H to commit to the relationship but he does not avoid his responsibility when h becomes pregnant His mother abandoned him at birth and he lived wit

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    Wonderful Intense Second chance at love story,enjoyed it very much,the only thing that disappointed me was Cullen leaving Rachel alone,wanted them to spend some time together.Other then this its a very good book.Good readRecommend it

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    I just picked this book up on a whim, but boy did Cullen win me over He is hot hot hot I loved the story of these two who don t expect to find love, much less together If you like Linda Howard s earlier series books you ll love this one.

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    Fiona Brand is an author whose name gets associated with that of Linda Howard I have always heard that she has a similar writing style to that of one of my favorite authors of the romance genre and that is one reason why I picked up Cullen s Bride to sample her writing And of course a lot of raving reviews of the book by my Goodreads friends had me buying my very first Fiona Brand and

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    ZzzReally shaky foundation, there was no sense in her martyrdom Love at first sight is ridiculous.

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    Felt like I was reading a Diana Palmer book Luckily I m a closet DP fan so this was great Arrogant uber alpha male and somewhat less than spunky female I so wanted to tell Cullen to get over it and or tell Rachel to leave his butt in the dust

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