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Como el inter siga fallando me leo toda la colecci n Sweet book about a family coming full circle after 12 years. 2012 Review I am amused Oh, not at the book it wasn t particularly funny Or good But I have to laugh at myself about this weird switch to not only het romance, but one of the most improbable choices I could have made.Full on mushy realism, highly pregnant mother of a teenager, ex husband coming back to grovel Not to mention this is from one of those trashy lines Granted, I ve discovered some gems there before, but still.This was way different from what I am used to reading these days though.Bigger word count, the speech was less casual, no grammatical errors or typos, no hardcore sex of any type Sliding in was about as racy as it got and even then things were over in a blink And while breasts were touched and caressed, nothing else was, almost XD Boy, I feel like I m on a different planet.But, most different of all, this thing was reflective as hell I got bored very fast.I guess the only thing that kept me going was the ex husband s perspective, and that only because I wanted him to succeed They piled on the love and remorse heavily there from the start Eh, what can I say It kinda did its thing with me.The woman annoyed me, though And generally this was not a very comfortable book due to the subject matter Not uncomfortable either, but dragging on.Oh well In many ways this was good for me, as a refresher on what other types of romance can be like After all, I really do read books for the love stories And yet it is odd how much I ve become used to explosions of passion The smut is not necessary to me but avoiding it often seems like something is being turned a blind eye to Awkward sentence Where does this leave me I have no idea, except that maybe I need to relax a bit about my ever narrowing field of reading material and not worry quite so much about tricky subjects Unless it involves death Or unhappy endings I accept neither of those.Well, and it also leaves me tired I guess that means I get to sleep over it P I had to have read this late 2010, early 2011 I remember bits and pieces of the book but not too much I ll have to read and review it again when I have the time I overall thought this was a great book from the parts I remember I especially loved the angst and confusion created by the situation of the males involved. Some men can love forever It started when Cass s teenage son called his father to come and visit Which was how Blake found himself face to face with the woman who d tripped up his heart eighteen years before Only, now she was pregnant with another man s child As if her life wasn t complicated enough, here was Blake, her ex, in the flesh evensexy and irresistible than Cass remembered But her fantasies of happily ever after had ended along with their youthful marriage.Except there was something Cass didn t know about her former husband he was a man determined to get his family back and pick up where he and Cass had left off this time forever I have read this book many times and is one I will read again again.. Marriage, Interrupted (Silhouette Special Edition) (Silhouette Special Edition)

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