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The Baby Album It s not exactly picture perfectThis isn t the life Casey Sinclair imagined No husband, no joband a baby on the way To pay the bills, Casey takes a position at Wyatt Keene s photography studio It s not perfect, but what choice does she have The fact that she finds Wyatt incredibly attractive is an unexpected bonusBut something s holding Wyatt back And Casey thinks she knows what it is he s still grieving the loss of his wife and unborn child So she hides her own pregnancy As Casey and Wyatt get closer, it becomes difficult for her to reveal her secret Lying to her boss was a bad way to start, but how can Casey tell him the truth now just when everything she s always wanted is in reach

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    Reviewed for THC ReviewsI ve always been a fan of pregnancy storylines in romance novels, but haven t read a really good one in a while When Roz Denny Fox contacted me about reviewing her new book, The Baby Album, I was quite eager to read it, in large part because of the plot I m so glad I got the opportunity,

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    I m posting this review on my blackberry, alas I m having some issues with my beloved laptop Casey Sinclair never imagined she would never have no husband, no job, and a baby on the way.A search of the paper reveals a position at Wyatt Keene s photography studio It isn t ideal but it will pay the bills.Wyatt Keene is

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    Rushed ending Very rushed.

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