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That Loving Feeling A wonderfully wise romantic comedy about the ones we love and the one that got awayJuliet Joyce has been happily married for twenty five years But with two grown up children who treat the house like a hotel, a seventy year old mother who s just moved in and a father who s announced he s gay it s hardly surprising that her relationship with her husband Rick is beginning to suffer Juliet s resigned to the fact that the only romance she s going to get is from the pages of her library books, so nothing prepares her for the unexpected return of Steven Aubrey Last seen twenty six years ago, when he jilted Juliet on their wedding day, he ignites a passion in her that she thought was long gone But will Steven sweep her off her feet or can Rick remind her of the loving feeling that they ve lost There s only one way to find out

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    I enjoyed this book i didn t relise at first that the characters in this book are the same as the one s in with love at christmas so i knew diferent things from that book to this book so it ruined it a bit should of read this book first i enjoyed the characters wasn t keen on stacey but she grew on me Would readfrom carole matthews.

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    What can I say I have to be totally honest and say that whilst reading this book I embarrassed myself on numerous occasions by actually laughing out loud whilst on the train This book was an absolute joy to read I am a huge fan of the series the Chocolate Lovers and found that I was comparing each book to that series This book needed no comparison.Juliet Joyce is a typ

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    This book was really annoying I imagine that when an author begins a book they sit down and make a big list of potential plot lines that the could include Carole Matthews did this, but then forgot that she was supposed to narrow the number of plot lines down to a reasonable number Any 3 or 4 of the subjects covered would have been enough to fill a book but Carole genuin

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    I haven t read any of Carole s books before but I saw a review which likened her to my beloved Marian Keyes so I thought it give it a whirl It s definitely not on the scale of Marian s witty writing, but there were some extremely funny laugh out loud moments, and on the whole I liked the book and the characters It is easy reading and one which I did in a couple of days.I

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    I really liked this book I ve just not had much time to read I realised when I started reading it that it s the first book, to sequel With Love At Christmas which is actually the first Carole Matthews book I ever read earlier this year and what got me into loving the author She is now one of my favourites I think I ve read about 13 of her books now, or around that mark Lo

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    This book started off a bit slow but it just got better and beter as I read further into it The story had some very funny twists and turns that pretty much kept you always wanting to read onepage to see what happens next.

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    Great story of Julie who has been married to Rick for nearly 25 years and the hiccups they face when her ex, who jilted her the day of her wedding, returns Easily flowed story with other family dynamics thrown in and lots of laugh out loud moments

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    I ve read this book twice now and it never fails to make me laugh, so many twists and turns to keep you guessing However it s sometimes a little bit predictable It s perfect if you want to read something lighthearted.

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    Lovely romance, with characters I can relate to and believe in, gently humorous yet very credible and entertaining.

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    Loved it Great easy reading loved the story It was fun to read.

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