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The Deserving Mistress Nh ng ch ng u qu ch n v k hi u n i Ch mu n v t lu n s ch v n ch nh i n r khi lu n l ng tr nh v b i c ti p m i hi u nguy n nh n c n ng.C i k t n gi n, t m th ng K t nh c cho xong 1 cu n s ch. May Has Spent Most Of Her Life Looking After Her Sisters And Helping To Run The Family Business And She S Determined Not To Let Anyone Take Her Home And Livelihood Especially Not Arrogant Property Tycoon Jude Marshall However, Deserving May Has Always Been Overlooked In The Past And Now Sexy, Charming Jude Is Out To Wine And Dine Her May Can T Afford To Let Anyone Get Too Close In Case Her Secret Is Discovered And Anyway, Surely Jude Is The Type Of Man To Want A Mistress, Not A Wife .. J ai jamais t une fan des double mariages mais l un triple mariage Ca ne fait pas vraiment mariage mon go t I can t review this book, because I didn t like it and yet I can t pinpoint what was wrong with it.May, the eldest of the Calendar sisters this is book 3 of a trilogy is left alone on the family farm Businessman Jude wants to buy the farm from the Calendar girls so he can develop the land, and is willing to play dirty to get it First he sent his lawyer Max to make a deal but Max ended up falling in love with January Calendar, the youngest sister Then he sent Will, his architect, to make plans for a new building complex but Will fell for March Calendar and gave up on the idea Now Jude shows up in person to try and make a deal with May.There are some huge plot holes, like the fact that neither Max nor Will seemed to care about their jobs after they fell in love does love make people ignore the fact that they have a living to earn But the only thing that I can concentrate on about this book is how exhausting it is to read It s just totallyblah Lots of anger and screaming emotion, none of which seems real to me May and Jude both being angry and thoroughly irrational.Normally I find it easy to say why I don t like a book far easier than saying why I don t like one Normally I have strong feelings, either positive or negative.This book I just don t care enough to try and work it out I m exhausted It s 180 some pages, I started it this afternoon, and I feel like I ve been slogging away at it for weeks.I m done And if the second one in this trilogy shows up because I know it s around somewhere , I ll stick it in the back of a closet and forget about it for awhile. Quy n n y v VN d ch th nh Trang tr i t nh y u H i d i d ng v l p l i khi s d ng ki u c u A s l ng i cu i c ng m B s y u c u gi p , ki u n u A ph i nh ai gi p th B l ng i cu i c ng A ngh n C m th y c ch t ng c m v i n ch nh Thi u th n t nh c m c a ng i m khi n c tr n n ph i c ng r n h n, lu n l ng i l tr trong c c ch em, c ng ch nh v th m khi n c mong manh, d v l c n o kh ng hay M ch truy n nhanh, qu ch t m v o c c cu c i tho i v mi u t t m l nh n v t m qu n r ng cu c s ng c a h sau n y ra sao.T n nh n v t th v M April, con g i c May, con g i th March, con g i t January.

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