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Heritage PDF Epub Heritage Author Judy Nunn Thegreatwallonline.us From The Ruins Of Berlin To The Birth Of Israel, From The Italian Alps To The Australian High Country, Heritage Is A Passionate And Fast Paced Tale Of Rebirth, Struggle, Sacrifice And Redemption, And A Tribute To Those Who Gave Meaning To The Australian Spirit.

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    starsAs a West Australian girl born and bred, the construction of the NSW based, Snowy Mountains scheme to bring hydroelectricity to the region from the late 1940 s, through to the early 1970 s, seems to have escaped my attention One of Australia s best known storytellers, Judy Nunn, ensures that this pivotal engineering project is not lost in the

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    They came to change the course of a river and changed the course of their lives After World War II, in the early 1950s, migrants from over many different countries came to Australia to work on the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Scheme Their destination was the town of Cooma, New South Wales which was central to the Snowy Scheme This novel explores the stori

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    love to read about Australia, especially the Snowy River Project.

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    It took me until about half way through the book to start really getting into it and then by the end I couldn t put it down I love the backdrop for the story and visiting all the different countries.

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    I didn t like this one at first but theI read theit interested me The horror of the Death camp, the way the Nazis escaped and this one Nazi s trail of murder was so well told as was the story of Ruth one of his victims who escaped The way they all ended up in The Snowy Sche...

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    The story of so many looking to move on with their lives who inevitably find their lives intertwined My first Judy Nunn book and quite an interesting one.

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    Another amazing read by Judy Nunn I am ashamed to say it has taken me so long to discover this author, on a postive note, with an extensive back book of novels, I have many enjoyable reading hours ahead.Like previous novels, Nunn brings to life this beautiful country of ours, Cooma became as much a central charachter as the many migrants of the Snowy Mountain Scheme Really enjoyed reading about the diverse

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    Heritage by Judy NunnThe Hydro Electric Scheme was the largest engineering and construction feat Australia had ever taken on The purpose was for irrigation of the very dry interior and the harnessing of hydro electric power The scheme employed mostly migrant workers as there was a shortage of local labor after the war Refugees fromthan seventy countries fled to Australia to find new lives and a new identity after th

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    Phew glad that s finished It was a struggle at times and enjoyable at other times I really wanted to read all about the characters involved with the snowy mountains scheme it sounded so interesting There were parts about the history of Cooma and surrounds which were well worth a read but Judy con...

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    Great book lovely mix of what life was like in the early days of the Snowy Mountains Scheme and the transition of characters from various parts of Europe You get to know the characters and the course their life takes over time There are lots of surprises and twists in the book Sometimes a little to...

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