The Chosen MOBI ï The Chosen MOBI :í

The Chosen Not her best work May I suggest Ours is But a Little Sorrow I gave that romance five stars Loved it Hayes is a good writer This title doesn t reflect her talent. Daniel Morgue Morgan hunts demons And likes it until the day Madigan Carter cuts through his life like a blade of sunshine She is everything he isn t, and for the first time in his life, he questions his calling when it means he will be forced to turn Madigan into a killer Just like him Madigan doesn t believe in demons until the day she fends one off with her Louis Vuitton bag She doesn t want to be an Expeller, and she really doesn t want to be trained by the most aggravating and sexy man she has ever met When the Expeller instincts, and the unnatural hungers that go with them, threaten to overwhelm her humanity, will her connection to her mentor be enough save both their souls

About the Author: Gwen Hayes

Gwen Hayes that s me lives in the Pacific Northwest with her real life hero and a pack of wild beasts two of whom she gave birth to She is a reader, writer, and lover of pop culture which, other than yogurt, is the only culture she gets Gwen also edits kissing books.

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