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Sweet Surrender with the Millionaire Willow Landon is starting a new life She s determined to prove herself as an independent woman, having escaped a controlling relationship She certainly doesn t need help from Morgan Wright, her arrogant neighbor Morgan may have movie star good looks, own a country estate and have millions in the bank but she s not interestedMorgan is also determined to show Willow just how a lady should be treated

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    This was a really good book I like how Helen Brooks takes two people who have no intention of getting romantically involved and shows them falling deeply in love.In the case of Willow, she is recovering from a very toxic marriage, married to a man who abused her mentally, undermining every inch of her confidence in herself She does not intend to trust any man with her life eve

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    Sweet Surrender with the Millionaire is the story of Willow and Morgan.This book has a emotionally and physically traumatized heroine recovering from a bad marriage, and finding her one true love in her kind and considerate neighbor.Helen Brooks writes great heroes, and Morgan was no exception He understood the heroine had scars, and gently worked towards helping her heal witho

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    Rating 5 starsHelen Brooks did a fantastic job writing this story about two damaged people who are healed by love after taking the risk to open their hearts.Morgan Wright is an amazing, awesome and intelligent alpha male who understands what it means to grow as a human being As his friendship with Willow evolves, he becomes aware of how he is changing and growing and is in touch

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    3 1 2 Stars The purchase of the country cottage assured Willow of complete independence After years in a controlling and emotionally abusive marriage, she was finally Queen of her own castle where she was answerable to no one When her garden bonfire to get rid of rubbage gets out of hand, she meets her charismatic neighbour who puts the fire out Morgan is charmed by his green eye

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    After fiinally escaping an abusive marriage, the last thing Willow Landon wants is to get involved with a man, especially a very good looking man like Morgan Wright How can she ever trust a handsome man and know that he is not hiding evil thoughts with a pretty smile How can she ever trust herself to judge the true nature of a man Morgan Wright never wanted love His parents had di

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    This was the first Harlequin novel I have ever read It did not surprise nor disappoint It was actually exactly what I expected it to be I had to read it for one of my uni classes, so I tried to pick a Harlequin that sounded somewhat interesting After reading the Harlequin guidelines which, trust me, are incredibly specific I can imagine why Harlequin accepted this book I won t spoi

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    I always like Helen Brooks characters and I will tell you why She is a one trick pony author HB churns out the same plot underpinnings over and over childhood in fostercare, abusive ex spouse, deceased parents from horrific accident, and or pregnant sister in health crisis She has even given the same first name to two heroes in two separate books suggesting a complete lack of imagin

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    This book was pretty good I would read it again Enjoy

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    Okudu um en sa ma Harlequin buydu galiba T m g n boyunca 100 sayfa ktiab okumak i kence oldu..

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    3.5 starsI enjoyed it.

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