Where I Stopped: Remembering a Childhood Rape PDF/EPUB

Where I Stopped: Remembering a Childhood Rape The first memoir to address the issue of adolescent rape, Where I Stopped is also a chilling protrait of a troubled American family, whose awkward silence and repression after the trauma contributed gradually to an almost cancerous breakdown With gripping suspense and poignancy, this powerful memoir is a story all too many women know, wrote Kathryn Watterson, author of Not by the Sword, told powerfully, with a poet s clear and hones eye for detail

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    Like one of those great suspense movies where I know all along who did it, this book about a girl and later a woman attempting to understand what happened to herself and her family after she was raped at the age of thirteen kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end The question isn

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    At the young age of thirteen, Martha became a victim of rape She handled the rape in a manner consistent with what she imagined an older woman would do Martha felt that in being thirteen, she was a young woman flirting with sexuality She did not realize that the way in which she saw herself, was no

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