Basic Japanese Kanji Volume 1: High-Frequency Kanji at

This is an invaluable study guide for learning basic Japanese Kanji characters Basic Japanese Kanji, Volumeis your introduction to the firstof thecore characters in Japanese plusadditional kanji that serve as building blocks These beginner kanji are the most frequently used in newspapers, conversations and the top college level beginning Japanese textbooks Using a focused combination of proven traditional methods and unique new methods, this book will help independent Japanese language learners and university or high school students to write, read, speak and use Japanese better Basic Japanese Kanji makes studying easier by using a combination of proven traditional methods and unique new methods to learn Kanji Clear explanations of the kanji, example compounds, useful vocabulary, and extensive writing practiceHundreds of readings with comprehension questions similar in format to those on many important national and international Japanese examsAdditional natural and level appropriate exercisesOriginal mnemonics for every kanjiKey features of the CD ROM Interactive software offers exam quality practiceGives instant feedback correctionExtensive kanji exercisesReading comprehension passages and questionsA set of printable kanji flash cards, for on the go practice Basic Japanese Kanji Volume 1: High-Frequency Kanji at your Command! (CD-ROM and Printable Flash Cards Included)

About the Author: Timothy G. Stout

Timothy G Stout, Ph.D., lived in Japan for 20 years, and has taught Japanese language in public and private schools in the United States and Japan for 14 years While working at the American School in Japan he conducted original research on the use of keyword mnemonics in the instruction of Japanese Stout has an M.A in Japanese Pedagogy from Columbia University and a B.A in Japanese Teaching from Brigham Young University He currently teaches Japanese at Waterford School in Utah, where he lives with his wife and five children Stout is the author of Japanese Hiragana for Beginners, Japanese Katakana for Beginners, Tuttle Japanese for Kids Flash Cards, and More Japanese for Kids Flash Cards, all of which are available from Tuttle.

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