Created Equal? The Complete Lincoln-Douglas Debates of

Created Equal? The Complete Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858 Complete texts for alldebates between the incumbent Democratic senator from Illinois and thenominee of the infant Republican party Paving the way for modern debates between political candidates, the events brought Lincoln who lost the election to national prominence and helped propel him to the presidency in

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    Just wow I have been familiar with the fact of the Lincoln Douglas debates for as long as I can remember In high school, I spent three years participating in the forensic event called Lincoln Douglas Debate I knew that Lincoln and Douglas argued with each other a lot when

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    I ve listened to these debates too many times to count on my daily commute, at home, and many other places If you are a history nerd like me, this is manna from heaven Listening to David Strathairn as Abraham Lincoln and Richard Dreyfuss as the little giant Stephen Douglas, you

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    Any one who had a decent US history teacher had some encounter with the debates that took place between the incumbent Senator from Illinois Stephen A Douglas the Little Giant and the candidate Abraham Lincoln in 1858 They were 7 structured encounters that took place during that elec

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    At some point I decided that reading original documents was the way to go when it came to studying history Maybe it was when I realized that the David Barton school of thought I d been brought up in was sketchy Though, DB always claimed to own and base all of his stuff off of original do

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    A 19th century internet argument As schoolchildren, we re taught about how seminal the Lincoln Douglas debates were And from a historical perspective, this is true This was Lincoln s first real shot at national prominence Senators being generallypowerful than Congressmen and he was trying to

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    I listened to an audiobook of the entire series of debates as read by Richard Dreyfuss as Stephen A Douglas and David Strathairn as Abraham Lincoln.I won t be able to do justice to the audiobook recorded in 2008 , which I highly recommend to anybody who thinks reading these debates might be a daun

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    I am very glad I listened to the audio version of the debates, with David Strathairn and Richard Dreyfus performing If I hadn t listened to the debates in their entirety, I don t think I would have really appreciated the masterful jobs both Lincoln and Douglas did with strategizing their arguments You

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    Glad I read this before the election this year Things are different now for sure Regardless of who you align yourself with, Lincoln or Douglas, one must admit that no one debates like this anyThe way they presented and defended their stance was commendable Attacking or questioning each other was interesting

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    This book is a verbatim transcript of the 14 debates that Abraham Lincoln and Senator Stephen Douglas had during the hot summer and early fall of 1858 Douglas, the Democrat, tries to paint Lincoln as a Black Republican abolitionist, while Lincoln denies this but steadfastly holds true to his conviction that slav

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    Very interesting audiobook, well suited to the medium given the nature of the content Some works of the English language are meant to be read, or like a speech, listened to These seminal debates between the master orators Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas fall into the works of the great works of rhetoric for the E

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