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Crown Prince, Pregnant Bride! Monte DeAngelis has returned to Ambria to claim his throneand the one woman who is forbidden to himNow promised against her will to Monte s enemy, innocent Pellea has never forgotten her time in Monte s arms And unbenownst to her family, she s pregnant with his baby Monte has always believed that love has no place in his world, but Pellea s courage and passion are irresistible Could it be that this once coldhearted prince has found his true destiny as a husband and father

About the Author: Raye Morgan

Aka Helen Conrad and Jena HuntHelen Conrad was born on April 11, 1945 in Pasadena, California, U.S.A and grew up between Holland, Guam, and California, and spent a few years in Washington, D.C as well She obtained a B.A in English Literature.Helen was working toward a Master s in Library Science when she dropped out to have her first son One look into those baby blue eyes and I knew it was going to be a long time before I went back to school But with young ones, you do have time to read, and theI read, theI learned about writing She started writing because she felt guilty about spending so much time reading Through writing I figured I could still immerse myself in the stories I love, but I could actually claim I was working The amazing thing was when I sold my first book and the excuse was justified Dreams really do come true After years of writing romantic suspense in the style of Mary Stewart and children s books in a lot of styles, she finally sold a romance to Jove s Second Chance at Love and there was celebration all around at least in her ever patient family of husband and four boys She published fourromances for Jove under the name Jena Hunt, then began writing Silhouette Desires A few sales to Bantam Loveswept and Harlequin Romance, Temptationand SuperRomance under the name Helen Conrad followed, as well as to Harpers, Dell Ecstasy, Mills Boon, and even an historical with Zebra Today, she is concentrating on Silhouette Romance, completely captivated by the breezy fun and touching poignancy of their compact, to the point form She feels the perfect quick read should make the reader smile, sigh and put the book down feeling better about the state of love in the world.Now, she lives in the Los Angeles area now with Nick, her geologist computers cientist husband and the two of her four sons who still live at home Having the boys around helps keep me up on the current trends, she says with a laugh But writing helps keep me in touch with the romance that weaves through the everyday lives we all live.

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    Le do en Septiembre 2013Argumento Destinado a ser esposo y padre Monte DeAngelis hab a regresado a Ambria con el fin de reclamar su trono y a la nica mujer que le estaba vedada.Comprometida en contra de su voluntad a casarse con el enemigo de Monte, la inocente Pellea no hab a olvidado los momentos pasados en b

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    This book is terrible It is terribly written, the storyline is ridiculous, the characters are mechanicalit s just bad I had to force myself to finish it, with a lot of skipping, because a lot happens that I don t need to know and don t care about There s a ball, where Pellea and Leonardo are supposed to announce their e

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    Like the first book of this series Secret Prince, Instant Daddy , this book felt lacking I can t totally put my finger on it, but the plot seems too overarching and is never totally dealt with The ending, like the first one seems to fall quickly and is wrapped up without total satisfaction I ve read other mini series and often,

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    This is the third book in the Lost Princes of Ambria.Monte DeAngelis has returned to Ambria he is the oldest of the 5 missing princes and when the kingdom is returned to him and his brothers, he will be the King.He loves Pellea who is now betrothed to his enemy, Leonardo, who is in line to reign over Ambria Pellea doesn t have a choice i

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    Miniseries The Lost Princes of Ambria

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    Miniseries The Lost Princes of Ambria

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    I expected

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