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Oklahoma Bride Started slow but got better as the story progressed YOU RE UNDER ARREST To a woman who was all fire, sass and temptation that was a hell of a hello But army major Rafe Hunter had no choice Karissa Baxter was a Sooner attempting to secure the homestead she wanted before the start of the Land Run, danger and rules be damned But what about what he wanted And what if what he wanted was her WHO DID RAFE HUNTER THINK HE WAS All spit and polish, and with Eastern money to boot Unlike the hardscrabble types Karissa was used to, he could never understand what drove her to go after her dreams So how had he managed to quick march his way into her heart

About the Author: Carol Finch

Connie Feddersen.Connie is well known for her fast paced adventures, sparkling humor and lively dialogue She is the best selling author of historical and contemporary romance, as well as mystery and suspense Writing under 5 pen names Carol Finch, Gina Robins, Connie Drake, Debra Falcon and Connie Feddersen she has penned 57 books for Zebra and Pinnacle Publishers.Connie and her husband have 3 children and raise cattle and wheat on their ranch near Union City, Oklahoma.

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